Susan Dwyer, the subject of concern is the consequences of listening to rap music and the effect it has on moral character. The author argues that rap music contribute to the corruption of moral character, It Is misogynistic, promotes violence and street crime. In this paper I will examine the author’s claims, use of key concepts, and her reasoning. By doing so, I will be able to demonstrate that Dryers thesis is unjust and unsupported.

In what follows, I will analyze the claims to show that the author’s arguments are irrelevant and lack efficient evidence to support her thesis. Secondly, I will examine the author’s reasoning to point out fallacious reasoning and lastly I will evaluate her use of key There are about 7 claims In the article. However, many of them were concepts. Only used to demonstrate and explain issues regarding rap and moral behavior. The author begins the argument by claiming rap music is both a sign of and contributes to a form of corruption of moral character.

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This particular claim is empirical because the author did not offer her reader any type of verification or facts to prove her point. Dwyer failed to demonstrate how people’s moral character Is corrupted by listening to rap music. Many people enjoy listening to different types of music for different reasons. Rap music does not determine the person’s character or behaviors. Rap music does not contribute too form of corruption of moral character. Rap music has come a long way and has been shaped by different skills of various rappers who reflect a blend of elements into fascinating wordplay.

It has become very popular among young people; they listen to it as a form of entertainment and rap songs have eloped many people through tough times the same way Johnny Cash and country music helps people. Music Is music everyone has their own preference. Rap music can help people build a positive character; for instance, a rap song called ;till we meet again” by Shawn Carter, a famous America rapper who lost his younger brother to gun violence. In his song lyric, he talked about how the death of his younger brother affected him emotionally and physically for many years.

He turned to writing Rap as a healthy way to cope and escape from reality. Rap artists write vivid lyrics bout real life scenarios, situations and feelings that many can relate to and learn from. Rap songs can be Inspiring and can have a positive Impact on Individuals. On the contrary, the author might argue that rap music has a negative impact on people’s attitude and behaviors. Rap lyrics and videos are full of images of ;hoes” and pimps, guns and violence. These degrading rap lyrics and videos are seen everywhere and in many people’s eyes this has become normal and entertaining.

People that listen to and watch such material on a regular basis usually choose to live their lives In the” fast lane”. By seeing their favorite Icons possessing fancy cars, clothes, jewelry and lots of money, many of them join street gangs as a means to obtain these things. They start to rob, steal, vandalize, kill and destroy others. Quite frankly when people choose to live their life this way, they either end up behind bars or killed. On the whole rap music does not influence good behavior in people, it corrupts them and changes who they are as a person.

Rap music does not Influence bad actions, but reflects on struggles In life and problems with the society as child poverty, violence against women and HIVE disease. As far as it goes, issues as such have affected many women and children around the world. He raises awareness through his music and by speaking in public. Kane is an advocate for women and children that are affected by this matter. He has raised thousands of dollars to support this cause. Rap music can send out positive messages about equality and change.

The author has committed a few fallacious arguments in the article. One of the fallacies that stood out to me was the fallacy of presumption. It was stated as; people that choose to listen to and watch such material on a regular Asia are saying something about their own moral character, about what they value, about who they are. Seeking out such material is like seeking out and choosing to watch portrayals of atrocities, such as rapes and violence. This argument is invalid and unsound. The author is in the wrong for making such statement.

Rap music is just like country and rock music. People enjoy listening to different types of music for various reasons, one of which can be for entertainment purposes. Listening to and watching rap music does not determine a person’s moral character and who they are In contrast the author can take the position to defend that the s a person. Argument raised is valid and sound. People who enjoy listening to and watching such degrading videos, crass material, and violence are saying something about their character and what they value as a person.

The author’s use of key concepts in the article can be very offensive to the artist that produce the music and to the fans that listen to it. Many of the key concepts were about the harms of rap music on one’s moral character. Several people, especially youth can relate to rap music and the lyrics. Many rap artists rap about their life stories in the lyrics. They write about their mint of view on life through their own lens and the way they see things. Many rap artists grow up in extreme poverty and harsh circumstances that would be difficult for some to understand.

Their songs reflect the environment that they know and the things they see. For instance, Outpace Shaker was a famous rapper in the nineties; he grew up in poverty, his mother was addicted to crack cocaine and he did not have a father fugue in his life. By the time he was a teenager he was in and out of detentions centers; he was involved in selling drugs as a way to support himself and his family. His music lyrics inspired many young people around the globe. He wrote about people being killed in the ghetto and how rap music saved his life.

Young males that grow up in poverty, without a father end up turning to rap as a positive outlet (escape) and look up to the artist as role model. Rap music changed the life of Outpace Shaker and inspired many young people around the globe. The author might argue that the key concepts used in the article are relevant and speak volume about what rap music can do to a person who believe and enjoy such material. For instance, teenagers have been turning to rap music to solve their problems; however t can be very destructive in the building of their moral character.

They look up to the rappers that rap about violence, drugs and killing of cops as role model. Teenagers are easily influence by what they see and hear, however, music producers usually market these types of music to them. Rap music can also have a negative impact on language and speech. In many rap songs, the ;N” word is used several times. Slang and ungrammatical sentences are also used. For example, ;imam be, we go party it ungrammatical sentences, the more they will use it in their daily speech. Rap music goes not change a person’s moral character or behavior and lead to corruption.

If that were the case, everyone that has been exposed to media, whether it is through television shows, magazines, movies or music would have a poor moral character. The author of this article does raise interesting arguments to be heard but that is all it is. The author makes some very bold statements without backing them up and providing the reader with facts or strong examples. Bad behavior, corruption of moral character, violence and crime have been around long before rap music and will be around long after rap music.