The original members were Chuck D (original name Carlton Redefined, born on August 1, 1960 In Queens, New York), Flavor Flag (original name William Dragoon, born on March 16, 1 959 in Long Island, New York), Terminator X (original name Norman Lee Rogers, born on August 25, 1966 In New York City, New York), and Professor Grief (original name Richard Griffin, born on August 1, 1960 In Long Island, New York). While developing his talent as a young MAC with Flavor Flag, Chuck D levered furniture for his father’s business.

After few days in the Studio, Chuck D put out a tape to promote YUBA Radio Station. He called the tape, Public Enemy #1 . Because he felt like he was being persecuted by people in the local communities. Public Enemy first gain popularity by doing opening acts for the Beastie Boys. Over the next few years , their debut album, “You! Burn Rush The Show” was released in 1987. The album sold only roughly 300,000. However Pep’s second album, “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”, in 1988, was widely praised by critics and eventually went Platinum selling over a million copies.

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Including singles Like “Don’t Believe The Hype” and “Bring The Noise”. The album boosted their popularity and they was taking over. The group continued their to release hit records Like “Fear of a Black planet” and “Apocalypse 91 1 Hip Hop of course existed before the come up of public Enemy. However, Rappers was afraid to respond to the ruthless treatment in the black communities, knowing that the Civil Right movement was reaching it climax. Instead they rap about fancy cars and expensive parties. After Public Enemy released their first album everything changed. In the single ‘Party For Your Rights’ they included lyric like “Power, Equality..

And we’re out to get It.. I know some of you Alan with it.. This party started right In 66.. Than at the hour of twelve some force force out the power”, sending direct message to the government. They use rap music as a way to criticize the government, Calling for power to the black communities. The Afro-American music in the eighties was greatly influenced by the disco sound. Public Enemy music is a great example of disco influence in Hip Hop music. New cosmologies like Rhythm machines, Scratch and Sampling were introduced, and Public Enemy found them-selves in the mix of this culture.

By taking the technology of ‘Sampling’ (cut of pieces of already existing songs changed to make a new sound), Public Enemy created another traditional form of Rock-And-Roll. In their music, they included pieces of political speeches, News broadcasts, police siren etc. Group Member Chuck D believed, “rapping is the most effective method if you wish to express yourself on the microphone”. Public Enemy made contribution to HIP Hop world with political, Social and Cultural intent, which generate itself in skilled and poetic rhymes. Before Public Enemy, Hip developed a strong pro-black political stance. Hey was one of the first Hip Hop group to do well internationally. They also changed internet music distribution by releasing UMP only albums. Recently artists, poets, movie directors etc, all uses sample from Public Enemy’s songs. Video games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2-4-5-6, Surface-The World is Your, and Thrasher featured songs from Public Enemy. In the UK, channel 4 used ‘Harder Than You Think’ on advertisements for it TV coverage of the 2012 summer Paralytics. The movement never stop as Public Enemy released their twelfth studio album “The Evil Empire of Everything” on Cot 1 1, 2012.

And recently they was added to the Rock-And-Roll Hall of Fame (2013). They are An Example of a legendary Band and Hip Hop culture. Public Enemy influenced rap music and promoted the civil rights movement. “They were great musical icons of the sixties, no matter if they belong to the black cultured heritage” said Marvin Gay. Public Enemy used their talent to act as a voice for the black community. They never stop giving their fans color, rhythm and sound. Public Enemy s currently working on their 12th album, However they still enjoy being idol to young rappers.