DC Premier at the Coliseum Club in Skopje, Macedonia The world’s best hip-hop producer, DC Premier is coming for the first time in Macedonia Tsarist 12 is bringing you the best hip-hop producer and the most skilful hip-hop DC, DC Premier. He will take the Coliseum clubs stage on the 30 of November, this year. The tickets will be put on sale tomorrow, so if you’re planning to attend, we will see you on the last day of November, at 9 p. M. At the Coliseum.

What do you write about DC Premier that hasn’t been written before? His technical skills as a DC is the stuff of urban myth, and his influence lives every day in every city in clubs, basements, and bedrooms where Dad’s study and mimic his moves. Talk about his production? Come on! After starting a groundbreaking career as part of Gang Starr, Premier’s production is often used to define a style of beats and rhymes meant to connote the truest forms of Hip Hop culture and music ”

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I want a Premier type of beat,” Is something every emcee has said at some point In his or her career. ” – writes Ruby Hornet, multimedia online destination that serves to passionately and skillfully celebrate and contribute to the full spectrum of urban culture. “Some people do It for the corporate reasons, I do It for the cultural reasons and that’s the difference. I’m corporate too In certain avenues, but not when It comes to sacrificing the culture and compromising my views…

If that ends up being the case, you can count me out and let somebody else take that gig. ” – says DC Premier. After 22 years of playing music In the clubs, DC Premier Is longing for more. Even though he Is In his 40, he still got the energy and the quality of no one else. So If you are the kind of person who appreciates the classic, on the 30 of November at 9 p. M. You’ll be at the Coliseum Club.