An accurate analysis of the profile of Mom’s customers is to use socio-styles. Mom’s customers are sharing the same vision of fashion, they love refined but minimalist fashion and are avian-sardines. They want to stand out from seasonal trends and they do reject the conventions in fashion: they are rigorists. Two subcultures are mainly represented amongst Mom’s customers. The “Boobs”are the new urban upper class, they love wearing brands without showing-off, and it corresponds to the no-logos cult of MM.

They love the idea of a “confidential luxury’ and unachieved aesthetics like the nude beauty look of Charlotte Ginsburg for example. Boobs are aware of the environmental issues, they buy organic food and recycle: the idea of making new clothes with old ones is in Mom’s DNA (“Artisan” clothes line). More recently, the Hip-Hop subculture started to be represented when the rapper Kenya Nest started to talk about the brand and went on stage with the famous crystal- embellished faces. The rapper Future even created a song called “Martin Marginal”.

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This is quite paradoxical considering that Hip-Hop is all about billing-billing and MM about Belgian minimalism. But we all know that in analyzing trends, there is always a small counter trend to the global trend. It seems that MM discreetly tries to reach new customers and to make Its brand more accessible by sharing Its avian-garish vision of fashion. The collaboration with H&M highly increased the brand reputation and the launched of Mom’s perfume “Untitled” (sold In all the big department stores) also popularized the brand while keeping Its rigorists and minimalist reputation.