The feud between Montague and Capsules has continued for a long time because the younger generations have been praised to hate the opposite family their feud breaks hearts and killed two family members. Len our society the most popular feed are In the hippo industry its a controversy In which multiple rappers confront each other In many ways. Knick Ninja Is the most successful female rapper of all time . She has been In a feud with female hippo artist Liking since her success with her pink Friday album.

Knick bellies that Ill Kim is only using her for publicly both artist hadn’t seen eye to eye but both have released mutable discs tracks against catheter. All kill Is the queen of ass’s HOLAP she reportedly states Knick Manual Is copying her Image , she states that she worked with unlock before and even while Knick would say she loved her, she also hated her and that isn’t paying homage,which is showing repress Jim also takes credit for bringing Nick’s style .

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She says Nick was in the audio with her before signing with the music label and also still showing hatred then. In conclusion there always two sides to a story, in the music industry there’s always going to be feud between people because every one is going to try to be at the top and at often times that means hurting some one they use to work with in order to be number one. Nick Ninja and Ill Kim feud had died down but I still believe at some point of time you will get Jealous of someone else shine.