My Best and Worst Day There always comes a time in your life where you could vividly distinguish your most best memorable day as well as your worst and saddest. In many cases those are times in your life which you will forever keep with you as long as you live and will remain as your top two until something better and worst happens In your life. My best day as of now would have to be the day of my graduation. I have never had that leaning of being so happy for myself that I had to catch myself holding back tear.

With every great story, there has to be a sad one too and that happened to me when my parents decided to sell my first and only puppy. With an extremely busy schedule I always carry, ;RSI sometimes hard to have some time off where I could classify as It being the best day of my life, but that one chance and opportunity happened to me on a hot but exciting day, June 4th 2011. That date would stick with me forever because that was the day I graduated from Let High school at the fairgrounds.

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Ever since I could remember, would always have a calendar and I would count down the years I had left. Believe it or not, it went by fast. Onto my last year of high school, I just wanted to get out. Nothing was hitting me until the last day when we got to see a wonderful, well-edited slideshows of the whole four years the senior class had experienced. I remember the day of my graduation; it was Like if I was getting ready to land on the moll I had my hair done, shaved real clean and made sure I looked sharper then a marine on inspection day.

I remember sitting down and seeing my parents and family with a huge smile on their faces, it Just made me feel so proud that I had made them happy. After walking the stage I remember I was alone for a few minutes and I almost began to tear so I had to hold it in. When I got home that was a great time on its own! It was Christmas in June but on steroids! I kept receiving gifts like a laptop, a real Coach Book bag, and a huge class ring Just to name a few. You cannot have your best day without having your worst day. My worst day was hen my parents sold my black German Sheppard named Snoop.

Ever since I was younger, I would always beg my parents to get me a dog and the answer was always a solid big fat NO! I always knew that my dad had a thing for German Shepherd’s, so I always said I wanted one of those. After looking at the towns’ flyer, I came across this cheap puppy that I Just needed to get. After long years of convincing, I finally hit my mom’s soft spot and was able to get It! I remember out of 10 puppies, this special one stood out to me so I instantly named him Snoop because at the time Snoop Dog was popular and thought that was a cool name.

Every day after school I would play with him and Just walk him around the entire block until him and I was tired. After a few months all the dog food and Vet visits was putting a toll on my parents and I was starting to notice. A week after that, my mom told me she was going to sell him; I did boy. It could not be true! My puppy was going to get sold. I remember like it was yesterday, I locked myself into the bathroom and I don’t know what got into me but I broke down and cried a river.

After long years, still haven’t gotten another puppy. Every day you face up and down situations but there easy to store away in the back of your head, but then you got those vivid memories where as hard as you try to forget about them or even relive them, you Just can’t. It could be both positive and negative situations, from watching your best friend being forced into a new household without a say, to walking across the stage of your graduation while your family cheers you on. Everyone has their happiest and saddest days.