My favorite song When asked to write an essay about my favorite song, I thought this would be easy. After several days of contemplation, decided this was not going to be as easy as I thought. However, I did manage and decided that “Sky The Limit” from The Notorious B. L. G. ‘s 1997 album titled “Life After Death”, had to be my favorite. It features vocals from the band 112 and somber production from Clark Kent. It contains a sample from the song “My Flame” by Bobby Caldwell and “Keep On” by D,

Train. I enjoy this song for many reasons, a few being the artist, it’s message, the song’s tempo and the music video. The song acts as a sequel to his hit “Juicy” as the lyrics deal with The Notorious B. L. G. ‘s tough upbringing and how he made it in life. Notorious B. I,G. Was notarized early In his career mostly for his lyrical content, which Included B. L. G. ‘s lyrical topics and themes Included hardcore gangster lyrics, Mafioso tales, his drug dealing past, materialistic bragging, as well as humor, and romance.

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His tales of street exploits (selling crack, robbing, shootouts, etc. ) coupled with humorous expressions permeated his first album and the freestyle appearances he made on radio stations, but his reputation for Ignorance didn’t detract from his diversity. He is respected for his storytelling ability, which was not fully realized until his second album. During his hiatus he had developed his wordplay and structure, honing the technical side to his verses. Notorious B. L. G. ‘s lyrics have been sampled by many of today’s rappers. Chi as Jay-Z, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, Fabulous, Foxy Brown and Busts Rhymes. In 2001, hip hop magazine The Source crowned The Notorious B. I. G. As the greatest MAC (Master of Ceremony) of all time. In the song “Sky The Limit” it gives the message of following your dreams and never giving up. Everybody has goals and dreams. These dreams are at the center of who you really are. It Is the core essence of who you are as a person, and the very purpose of your being. What you are dreaming of accomplishing in your life is God’s way of getting you involved in his master plan.

You were gifted with a set of dreams and talents, in the hope that you would act out these passions, follow your dreams and thusly move forward In life. It’s really a great pity that we’ve been told already since early childhood that we should stop dreaming and start “living”. What a mistake! Living is dreaming. This is exactly why we are here: to pursue our dreams. Not for selfish reasons, but for the sake of everybody. By following my dreams, I am becoming a better person, a happy person, shining brightly Like a sun, lightening up the lives of those around me.

If I decide to roger about my dreams, then I will become like a plant without water or sunlight, leaves hanging down, begging for water and looking rather miserable. Am I of any help to myself or to the world when I abandon my dreams? Your dream Is the reason for the way you are. Your dream Is not a coincidence. Your dream Is who you are. You should pursue it. Your dream gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, and drives you on into your chosen future. Your dream is the meaning of your life. This song has on exactly what the singer is saying.