The narrative is very basic as illustrated in the above text. After the pounding of the video game, they walk off in the road, possible going to wreak more havoc as they continue their seamlessly aimless Journey around the block. Concept: The concept behind the video is not as basic as it seems, the characters are walking around the block, the walk is basically a Journey, for something special or important, that is why it is emphasized. The showcase of this hip hop classic feel is a Journey, kind of a Journey back to what matters, the simple things.

The Band wants to put up a mirror to the society that is corrupted with hip-hop songs about money and women and liquor, with no work on the lyrics and content. The video is taken slightly from the Easy Rider Journey, aimless wondering of an integral part of the society. And in the editing we will try to ensure that the audience feels the unorthodox nature and disorientation of the video, but at the same time highlighting the essential parts of HP hop songs. Locations: The video is going to be shot in Cybercafé/Clangor/Malaysia.

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The location is basically walk-path around a very popular but rather unnoticeable real estate around the city. This is also to enhance the obscurity and discovery of the band, as it is their first music video. The second location is a divider in the middle of a Junction. This is because the place has a grassy base and will be suitable for destroying the Pollination. Pace: The Video is mainly going to be in slow motion, creating a sought of trans effect for the viewers. One verse is going to be normal speed Just to keep them disoriented and also show the different rap styles that the group entails.

The cuts will be there to ensure that the audience feels that they are watching a stream of events that may or may not be happening. Color/Tone: The color is very dirty and grungy. And to fully get what the artist wanted, we went for the military color grading. The most significant colors are brown and green. This is because the entire video is about Hardcore Hip-Hop, and mostly, hardcore hip-hop fans see themselves as soldiers. This also goes with the wardrobe choice of one of the band members who chooses to wear a camouflage T-shirt.

The Green and Brown argental varies between cutaways and different scenes of course to show the unified green and brown. The colors there are very strong and solid to illustrate the concrete nature of the artist’s vocals. The second segment that is the walking part, it’s more on the light brown and modern day (instants) style. This is to show a non- threatening and chilled-out feel to navigate a subtle suspense in the audiences mind. Lastly the last part of the Play Station destruction has a lower saturation and almost seems darker, so as to go with a more dangerous motive and intention.

Basically, the final scene is a metaphor for beating up a person instead of a video game. Filming: The filming process is going to be very straightforward but also complicated for the artist. The first verse of the song is going to be in slow motion. In other to do that we have to record the song in 200% speed so the artist can memorize it, after which he recites his verse. The camera used will be DSL; Canon 55TH. Though it is not a full frame camera, a mom lens will be used to get the best out of the close up shot so as o convey depth of field.

The filming will also involve the use of steadiest. This is very important especially since most of the song is walk around the block. The steadiest will give the desired smoothness to the entire film. Technologies: Final Cut Pro: Final cut will be the primary editing tool, for cuts and time warping and frame matching. The tools available in FPC are necessary to carry out the necessary editing in the music video. After Effects: After Effects will be used for the colors and other effects that will be used in the video.

But mostly, the colors and generating the high quality film look that will make the video a touch classy than the pile. Photos: The Title of the song and the band name is seen at the beginning of the song. This is edited in Photos to give it a more comical feel. Target Audience: The Target Audience is between the ages of 14 to 34. The artists are trying to hit any hip-hop lover from any generation. But also trying to change in the young kids of today their perception of hip hop. Therefore the target audience is very large so as to try to achieve their mission.