Research showing that in today’s society music has a big influence on what people choice to wear. We conducted surveys and distributed them though different web facilities. We asked people “How does Country/ Hip-Hop Influences your fashion? ” I Nina Martinez Emily Poe Josh Sandal Music Loves Fashion History shows that music influences society with the choices we make regarding clothing fashion, fads and styles. A wide range of fashion styles appear In music videos and music award programs.

Everything that the music Industry embodies can cause lasting effects on the people who listen to it. Additionally, music can cause many different emotions in people. Lyrics can make us feel happy, sad, or rebellious to name Just a few. People enjoy music during deferent activities. We tend to listen to music while driving, working, playing, eating and dancing to name Just a few. But how often do we think about the music we listen to Influencing our fashion styles? Music and fashion appear synonymous. The song lyrics, music videos, or album art can influence the way we dress.

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What we hear in our headphones reflect our fashion choices In some way. For example, a person wearing baggy clothes, a baseball cap and excessive Jewelry portrays the Image of a rap or hip-hop fan. Someone wearing ripped tight jeans , cowboy hat and cowboy boots might define a country music fan. Even though this may sound stereotypical, our survey results show that 75% of the time you can tell what kind of music a person listens to by their choice of fashion . To prove that music does Influence fashion choices, the team conducted a survey and researched various sources about music and fashion.

With this information we formed a hypothesis that music causes great influence on a person’s choice of clothing. The group decided first what would be our particular Jobs during this assignment. Each one of us became a subject matter specialist, webmaster and were to write our own survey analysis rough draft. The group leader and editor of the final draft became Nana’s job. The group assigned Emily secondary editor, the graphics layout artist and production manager. Josh worked in finding research that would help assist us In our project.

Doing the research this way helped to find more Information and combine our Ideas more efficiently and equally. Our group could all agree on wanting to find the similarities between music and 1 OFF hip-hop music influence your fashion? ” In order to find this information, we included thirteen questions in the survey. They ranged from gender, ethnicity, age, education level, to favorite genre of music. The group wanted to establish any influences that music might have on fashion. We hoped our questions would expose us to a wide range of people and their opinions about music.

The key elements that we needed to establish became how many and what group of people music influenced most on their fashion choices. Distributing the surveys using an online free survey maker, we each posted it on Backbone, Namespace, and Blackboard. For people we wanted to survey, but did not have web facilities, we printed them out and acquired their answers that way. At the end of the survey, the team gathered 88 responses, 55 from females and 33 from males. When we tallied the results, we were shocked to see how honest people were and how much people really believed that the music they listen to connects to their fashion choices.

Nineteen teenagers between the ages of 13-18 responded to our survey: 12 of them prefer to wear Reportable as the other seven chose to wear Levi or Sean John. We received 52 responses between the ages of 19-25. Most of them prefer to wear named brand clothing such as Airman Exchange and Sean John. Only a few of them said they would prefer to wear Reportable and Levi. We had nine females and males between the ages of 26-35. Six of them prefer to wear Reportable and Levi and the other 5 prefer to wear Airman exchange and Sean John. Eight responses were from females and males between the ages 36 and up.

This age group prefers to wear any kind of clothing, as you see they have no preferences on any reticular kind of clothing. (See Figure 1) Figure 1- Clothing Preferences by Age Different age groups where asked what types of named brands they prefer to wear. The survey gave some useful information based on the results of the questions asked. In the 13-18 age groups, 12 out of 19 prefer Hip Hop music over Country. Ages 19-25, only 11 out of 52 listen to country music. That leaves 41 listening to Hip Hop. Only 9 people were in the age group 26-35, out of 9 responses only 3 listen to hip hop and 6 listen to country.

The age group 36 and up listen to both hip Hop and country music. See figure 2) The reason we found this information interesting is because it fits perfectly with stereotypical Judgments we have on our society today. When we looked at participants surveys individually we noticed that the age groups between 13-25 that listen to country and live in the country are more likely to listen to country music and wear clothing such as reportorial, Levi, and wrangler. Also the age groups between 13-25 that listen to hip hop and live in the city prefer to wear reportage, Airman exchange, and Sean John.

The age group between 26-35 had a lot of mixed results. On the other hand the age group that is 36+ that live in either the country or city listen to both genres and have no preference on the kind of clothing they prefer to wear . Figure 2- Music and Ages Different age groups where asked what type of genre they prefer to listen to. Young people today are easily influenced by what they see and hear. Younger people may want to dress according to the fashion choices their favorite musician may wear or even the named brands that are marketed by these musicians. Their interests and opinions can swing wide depending on what is popular at the time.

On the other hand, older people Just want to live life and not worry about what other people wear. They are the least influenced by music and tend to choose their own fashion according to comfort and to their own personal taste. Although music does obviously affect individuals, the said affect varies according to the age group of the listener. Popular societal clothing trends tend to evolve with the music as well as with the age of the population. Age is the biggest key when it comes to the strong convergence between music and fashion. Music has a lasting effect on its chosen generation.