People listen to It In the car, while grocery shopping, in the movies, at home, and practically anywhere else possible. There are many different types and styles of music, the most influential being Hip-Hop/Rap music, followed by Rock and Roll. Music is often a mood-altering device used to make the listener feel a sense of belonging, happiness, or sorrow. The different genres of music can be used to describe a certain group of people, whether it be by clothing, style, attitude, or sometimes ones social class.

Hip-Hop/Rap music Is believed to have he most influence on the way a listener of that genre, acts and carries on their life. (Loomed 244) Music is more than a sound. It’s a way of life, a way of expressing one’s Inner emotions, feelings and thoughts. Many songs express deep emotions Like anger, sadness, love and happiness. The words of a song can express feelings thoroughly, therefore giving the youth of today’s society a concept to grasp, as they begin to relate their lives to the works of their favorites musicians Our first reliable music records came from the Romans.

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Americans musical history is very short when marred toucan, India, Africa, and China. Music wasn’t written down and recorded until around roughly 590-604 A. D. When the earliest musicians began to make records and notes, the first songs appear as biblical music, most likely used in churches and holy practices (Cigarillo’s/Schemes 391). Music varies greatly around the world; mostly because of the diverse culture of the areas music Is most prominent around the world.

Africans culture is very different from that of America’s; therefore the musical influences and styles are much different. Music has become Increasingly popular with the youth of America during the past fifty years. Teenagers are constantly looking for a sense of belonging in the world, and music can often be a healthy escape, often trying deferent types of music, before one claims loyalty too certain genre, Hip-Hop/Rap music Is one of the most Influential categories of music.

The lyrical works of most rap artists are often full of emotion, touching on such feelings of extreme hatred, anger, and aggravation. Such topics are the reason many upper class Individuals shy away from the genre of hip-hop and rap music. A wealthy individual will not be blasting the newest rap music out of their car, as they look for something with a little more class, melody, and meaning. The children of these individuals also will not be exposed to this category of music, therefore losing more listeners.

There are many people who believe rap is a negative influence, these individuals also work towards the censorship of this category as well. (Du Never 239) The Inner cities, as well as poverty stricken Individuals, are whom rap music tends to appeal the most to. These individuals find comfort in the whole extravagant scene hat is rap music. Rap music is targeted at teenagers; it is also the highest selling category of music around today, the street smart lyrics, give some a false sense of toughness, as well as street smarts.

This often gets these same teenagers into trouble with their peers, family, and the law. Which brings up the argument that rap music has a huge negative effect on the impressionable youth of today’s society. (Cigarillo’s;scheme 1 71) The Punk-Rockers or “Indies” underground scene is one of the most tightly knit communities that have ever been created. Thousands of bands river by the fact that they can get kids to come out to their shows, and through music, enlighten them to become a more prosperous and well rounded person.

In the underground music scene, bands sometimes will not even have enough money to rent a cheap hotel for a night to catch up on sleep, as well as bathe, certain kids from the area the band has played last will offer them food, a hot shower, as well as a place to sleep that night. (Greenland 141) This would never be possible in the underground rap scene. The Tightness of the Indies scene is one that has been a season for the success of many bands that have worked their way to the top. Hollowware is a band that has recently found huge success with their last album “Ocean Avenue”.

The reason this band had so much initial support and record sales for their album, was because of the underground’s love for this band. A certain website called Absoluteness. Net was one of the biggest reasons this band found success in huge numbers the way that they were able to do so. (Du Never 119) This further shows the way today’s underground scene is one of the tightest there has ever been. There are many different noticeable ways in which the type of music a person listens to, ties into their daily activities. The most prominent is clothing style, as well as physical appearance.

The Punk-Rock/Memo teenager, has a certain type of dress that often involves a few of the following things, hair that is short in back but long in front, or hair that is multi colored and long, a certain fondness of facial piercing, as well as extremely tight Jeans and shirts proclaiming their loyalty to a certain band or record label. (Greenland 38) The genre of Hip-Hop/Rap music is also one with certain tales that only a fan of this type of music would be seen wearing. Gold Chains, Baggy Pants, and shirts that are extremely oversized are all styles specifically centered on the genre. Loomed 104) Speech is another category in which Hip-Hop/Rap music sometimes seems to invent a whole new way of doing business. Music Therapy is an up and coming technique, that is beginning to gain recognition as a widely accepted way of solving ones problems, mental or physical. (Hansen 9) Music therapy works towards specific therapeutic goals and objectives. The targeted area includes uncommunicative, academic, motor, emotional, and social skills. It is noted that, while clients may develop their musical skills during treatment, these skills are not the primary concern of the therapist.

Rather it is the affect such musical development might have on the client’s physical, psychological and socio-economical functioning. Some of the main goals in treating mentally ill and disabled patients are as follows: Improve self-esteem, Improve social interactions with peers, Increase participation in group centered games and activities, Promote reality orientation, Develop coping kills. Reduce stress and anxiety, Promote expression of feelings: verbal and non- verbal, Increase on-task behavior, Improve control over motor skills, and the Development of leisure activities.

Perhaps the biggest goal music therapy has, is the task of developing creative self-expression. (Hansen 89) Music has a great deal of power over the human mindset, as well as personality, among others. The different genres of music are all very different, but tie into each other through similarities between listeners very well. The power of music is only now becoming evident, as ewe therapies and psychiatric procedures are being developed solely around music, though music can be used as a way to divided different types of people, it can be used as an even greater way to bring people together, mentally and physically.