Music has always been a voice for the ages. It is one universal language that we all speak Most people use it to express what they are feeling, some people use it to relate to, everyone enjoys it in one way or another. That’s where my point comes In; there is no doubt that music has changed according to the changes In society. My generation’s music censorship has changed, the way music is conveyed and the lenience of the music has allowed for the stories being told through the music to change and the depth of the music and the Implications of the music to diversify .

Music today is a genuine combination of yesterdays music with an original spin. This hat makes our music worth listening to. One of the defining changes would be that a large percentage of students ages fourteen through seventeen say that Rap and HIP/ Hop are the kind of music they listen to due to Its sudden popularity and admiration of mainstream music. Not only that but, It has broken barriers for censorship In Rap music. “Rap music has had little Impact from the use of censorship because the artists have not yet been Impaired by It.

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The need for cleaner rap music has arisen ND left a very small dent in the rap world. The degrading words and phrases and the explicit language may or may not stay within the culture of rap music may change to fill the need for cleaner music, but for now rap is still rap. ” (Helium. Com/Cody Kibble-Author/How Censorship Has Changed Rap Music). Rap and Hip/Hop music will always be controversial because of the paths these artists have walked. The stories being told and the emotional ride listeners are taken on are supposed to be raw first- hand accounts of these rappers’ and artists’ lives.

To put a censorship on the truth is unsustainable since the truth always comes out.. Mine has been under scrutiny for his vulgar language and graphic stories being expressed in his songs since the beginning of his mega stardom. The fact of the matter is that he has a huge fan base with a diverse age group and it makes parents everywhere cringe. Censorship was born on parental concern . Many people believe rap is too graphic with a lot of unnecessary profanity. Parts of society will go far as to say that these rappers and artists are abusing their rights. There was once something called “Common Decency that has disappeared. I think that those persons who may lack common decency have found a perfect shield to hide behind and they call it “Freedom of Speech. ” (Helium. Com/Peggy Mallory-Author/Censorship in the Music Industry In the U. S. ). Although Freedom of Speech does provide the perfect “shield” for rap artists to hide behind, I also think that it serves as the perfect defense. The very definition of freedom is the power to determine action without restraint.

This amendment was formed to let the people freely express their beliefs, Ideas, and stories. The fact that censorship In rap music has changed as much as It has allows for different stoniness to be shared and different walks of life to be exposed to the fans. Furthermore, people everywhere are starting to realize Just that. “In fifty years music has gone from do-whoppers with nerdy glasses and suits, to artists of today having almost complete freedom of expression. ” (Helium. Com/David Thatches-Author/How American Music Has Changed Over the Last Fifty Years. This broadened our Insights on the struggles the members of our community and generation go through all the amounts of people who disagree with what rap music has to say. The truth isn’t always pleasant though, and neither is all Rap Music. Music is the binding agent and bridge to the feelings that are unclear. It seems to be too good to be true that we’re able to use music as a tool. “There’s something about a voice that’s personal, not unlike the particular odor or shape of a given human body.

Summoned through the belly, hammered into form by the throat, given propulsion by bellows of lungs, teased into final form by tongue and lips, a vocal is a kind of audible kiss, a blurted confession, a soul-burp you really can’t keep from issuing as you make your way wrought the material world… ” (Expert from Jonathan Lathe’s intro to the “Greatest Singers of All Time” featured in the November 27,2008 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine). Music deciphers confused moods and feelings, the different genres attribute to feelings, thoughts, and moods for those next three minutes and twenty- six seconds.

Music today has gone from stories about fun and problem-free tunes to the seedy underbelly that has always existed in our society that is now being made into realistic renditions of what America’s youth is going through. “For the music rises from a generation that feels with some Justice that they have been betrayed by those who came before them, that they are best tolerated in schools, feared on the streets, and almost inevitably destined for the hellholes of prison. They grew up hated, hungry, and unloved. And this is the psychic fuel that seems to generate the anger that seems endemic in much of music and property. (Treacherousness. Com/Mamma ABA Jam-Activist). Mamma ABA Jam has had his share of life stories. With a history of activism, radio Journalism, and even being an involved member of the Black Panthers. Whether it be a life of brutality and mistreatment or the way love and life can change someone forever. Everyone is either a disheveled soul with an intense personal history and a story to tell or someone Just wanting a good beat and fun rhythm to dance to Most underground rappers and mainstream rappers, if they’re lucky, can relate to what Mamma ABA Jam had to say.

It is easy to talk down on mainstream music because it is shallow bubble gum-pop that takes little to no brain power to comprehend. Many of the critics of this very topic chose to ignore this. What strikes me odd is that when people talk about modern day music is their refusal to take historical context, and the evolving economics of the music industry into account. ” (Helium. Com/Tom Windward- Author/Search For the Meaning of Modern Day Music). A lot of today’s music is altered to the specifications of the industry in order to make money.

Music that we hear on the radio and see on television is what is known as “mainstream”. The industry does this ultimately to “sell” the artist. The music played is made to speak to the masses, which, in turn, means it is easy to understand. … It is human condition and a common human endeavor to make music deep and to make music shallow. There is no predominance of shallow music. It is Just that the shallow stuff is easier for the profit makes to broadcast more often and it is easier to incorporate and remember. ” (Helium. Com Elizabeth M. Young-Author/ Music is Losing Its Depth).

This is a key point in this argument. My generation’s music is Judged by the mainstream artists when there is so much more going on. Maybe though, the gems in the rough are better off left there. Most of the time, artists are changed into a ND more teen and pop idols out of the Indies scene and into the big times, which unfortunately, created a loss in depth in the music itself but a significant increase in profit. ” (Helium. Com/Cayman Perching -Author/Music is Losing Its Depth). The wonderful truth of the music and youth demographic is that there are different genres.

Conclusively meaning, a different fan base. A band by the name of Uniform and Sons has made the Billboards Top 100 List recently, and they couldn’t be further from “artists” like Eke$ha, Wiz Kalmia, and Kathy Perry, ” Since they formed in December 007, the members of Uniform & Sons have shared a common purpose: to make music that matters, without taking themselves too seriously. Four young men from West London in their early twenties, they have fire in their bellies, romance in their hearts, and rapture in their masterful, melancholy voices. (mummifications. Com). This band is living proof that, in order to be successful, you do not have to be on the conveyor belt that seemingly is the music industry today. Their lyrics are easy to empathic and it is rendered differently from a lot of the other artists on the charts today. The need for the constant change in our environment, has shortened our attention span to the point that learning anything in depth, is a struggle that only the most determined learner would undertake. ” (Helium. Mom/Steve Burden-Author/Music is Losing Its Depth). Music does not have to be a challenge to understand. Even though, the more obscure bands could be considered “weird”, what matters is that they’re there. It is able to balance out the bubble gum pop and the original music that my generation still has to offer. The music the youth of today is listening to and making is an infusion of music from sat generations and rhythms and sounds of this generation. The difference between yesterday and today are the stories.

The stories have changed because censorship is more complaisant with the lyrics and has taken note that the truth is powerful and to bind expression with such boundaries would limit the voice of the people. The depth and meaning are a result of smudging the line that is censorship and the overall message being exposed to fans of all kinds of bands and artists has altered to where music can be more about real life testimonies and insights to different lifestyles than partying and having a good time.