Singing Music of Afro Americans Music As Resistance: Wale – Golden Salvation I chose this song because I believe it is extremely relevant to hip-hop culture, and the message it portrays went over the heads of a lot of listeners. First of all, I personally believe that the DC-based artist Wale is the best lyricist in the industry currently. The way he flows over his ingenious choices of production and conveys his meaningful messages in a smooth way is simply amazing. I first discovered Wale when I was about 13 years old.

The first work I heard from him was his mix tape “100 lies and running”. This tape consisted of go-go based production. This had never been done before in hip-hop, this alone shows Wale’s resistant nature. He didn’t want to conform to the typical production style that most rappers were using at the time of that release. Throughout that project, he consistently spoke completely truthfully about what he does, he never yapped about gunplay and drug-slinging, he never praised any of the negative connotations that are prominent In today’s hip hop.

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One of the most prominent things in the hip-hop industry is the flashy lifestyle that most artists portray. The game is filled with chain flashing, money flashing, and braggadocio. Wale denies these stereotypes by constantly displaying his proper knowledge of simple etiquette, be it through his lyrics or his actions. To me, wale is a genius trapped in a game filled with fake gangsters and trend-followers. In a simple sense, wale is a trendsetter; he brings his own style to the table, he is his own man, which is something that Is always preached In the rap game but barely ever put on display.

I chose the song “Golden Salvation” because It speaks to the exact topic that I previously discussed. Basically, throughout the song, Wale explains how rappers boast diamond-flooded chains bearing the face of Jesus. But, while wearing these chains, the rappers aren’t serving Christ in any way, shape, or form. In fact, the Jesus piece is simply written off as another regular old piece of jewelry. Salvation is defined as deliverance from sin and its consequences.

They expect the chain itself, the diamonds, and shiny components to deliver them to new heights in life, they completely ignore the face that the chain consists of; hence the name “Golden Salvation”. With this line: “N*gas use me to shine, I been helping you stunt, look, why hose rapping dudes mint hit me in months? ” Wale shows that he believes that these young men – particularly black men – should go to Jesus more often and ask him for assistance In life Instead of placing their destiny on living the typical flashy lifestyle.

He follows this up with “l don’t ask for too much, colored In Wow’s, women will play you close, ad them hungry Jokers will try and test yea, now yea confidence through the roof, still you show no respect kid, the good book said praise but you so stuck In your ways you got my image appraised”. With this, he’s saying that Jesus doesn’t ask for much, ND their chances of getting robbed will increase. Also, he uses a play on words with “praise”.

Implying that the bible tells us to praise the lord but instead, they get his an appraisal on a chain bearing his face. This song speaks volumes to the terrible trends the rap industry tends to set and cause millions to follow. It also showcases Wale’s ability to drop knowledge on important topics in the black community and also do it in an intriguing way that requires you to not only listen, but also deeply think about the lyrics. Lyrics: Pray Praises Give thanks To the Fad Holy Water Jesus piece

But don’t nobody want know Jesus’ peace, no [Verse 1 :] N*gas use me to shine I been helping you stunt Look why these rapping dudes anti hit me in months I don’t ask for too much Covered in Wow’s Women gong play yea closer And them hungry Jokers gong try test yea Now they bumping your record Yea confidence through the roof Still yea show no respect kid The good book said pray But you so stuck in your ways You got my image appraised Why you sinning out waiting Fornicating with women I sat right there on your table Don’t bow your head for grace Though I’m keeping you graceful Brothers was born to cheat

Though I question who faithful Fast for me nope Blasphemy though Rap to it so racks up To match up with me froze How can a diamond supersede my wisdom I seen a reverend with five of me as he read his scripture This is bible readings to people with malice intentions With a Cuban attached On a secular scene I died for you all Now n*gas die over me [Hook:] Jesus piece Jesus piece Jesus piece But don’t nobody want know Jesus peace [verse 2:] Sierra Leone diamonds LA to New York got me’? If nobody stores have me Some probably would know about me All over paparazzi Shout out to Murrain

See they commercialism me I’m sure there will be more robberies Work New chain swag get your crew laid fast Or laid down or not a ticket next to dad And the bible told you wait on my arrival But patience was your problem So get Jacob to come find me And religion is a style if not.