Today, with the advent of modern technology, almost everything has undergone innovations, reinventions and some deconstructions. It has brought forth many changes In human endeavor – Including language use. Language has been our ‘dress of thought’ and avenue of free views and Ideas. Unsurprisingly, our values and contemporary influences are embedded in the language or the choice of words we use. Language is the key to the heart of culture. ” The correlation between language ND culture enabled language to “hold the power to maintain national and cultural identity’ (Samovar, Porter, 2000). In this world wherein language has taken an active role in the determinism of our thoughts and relativity to fellow language users, various contemporary pop cultures have sprung out, including Flattop. Flattop Rap Battles, a facet of Filipino music, is deemed to be a reinvention of the classical ‘blasting’.

It is composed of three rounds and is a match between two people, whoever can throw the cleverest punchier while Insulting the other wins. The local IP-hop scene has never been more popular than before. The virally of Flattop rap battles, with the use of Polygon language and new media (Youth) as the channel, has been hip-hop music first giant step towards acceptance and recognition from local listeners. It uses vulgar words and insults as additional spice: thus, it is not resistant to bias, racism and sexism.

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Rappers, however, have gained recognition for their display of awareness of Filipino pop culture in their lyricism (Yap, 2012). With the use of Filipino language in the exchange of thoughts, we could establish or map he dominant image of youth culture in our country. It is said that language is used to think as well as to speak. An individual’s language is influenced by his thoughts (E. M. Rogers, T. M. Assistant, 1998). Language, being the mirror of society and a reflection of culture, can help us understand the underlying trends and leanings of the youth.

Thus, the use of language can be a key component In analyzing and determining the dominant Image of youth culture as gleaned In Flattop Battles, a research therefore In this matter would prove significant. The proponent of this study decided to look onto the different values and image of youth culture that are reflected in the lyricism and language used in the context of flattop rap battles . Statement of the Problem What is the dominant image of youth as embedded in Flattop Rap Battles posted in the video sharing site in Youth during the months of November 2012 to January 2013?

More specifically, this study aims to answer the following questions: 1 . Are there significant relationships in the content of flattop rap battles and the dominant image of the youth In the Philippines? 2. What are the popular/contemporary Influences presented In flattop rap battles? The main purpose of this study is to determine the dominant image of youth as embedded in Flattop Rap Battles posted in the video sharing site in Youth during the months of November 2012 to January 2013? Specifically, this study seeks to: 1.

Determine the significant relationships in the content of Flattop and the dominant image of youth and; 2. Identify the popular/contemporary influences presented in Flattop Battles. Significance of the Study The youth is the hope of the motherland. It is on this premise that this study is conceived. It is hoped that this study will be useful in the following ways. 1. Awareness of the popular/contemporary influences as depicted in Flattop Rap Battles will help us understand the dynamics and behavior of youth towards certain issues.