To inform the audience about the Illuminate Thesis: To understand who the illuminate is and what they do, it is important to learn the history of the society, the celebrities that are Involved In It, and the symbolism surrounding them. Organizational Pattern: Topical order I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Have you ever wondered who is behind this mysterious world? Who controls the government, the banks, the media, or even the entertainment Industry?

No, It is not the president or the top-notch officials, but It Is the Illuminate. Some of you may wonder, who are the illuminate? B. Relevance of topic to audience: The Illuminate is heavily discussed when it comes to the impact of secret societies on the history of humans. As the number of people’s curiosity grown about the society, actual facts about the group has been disconcerted and/or misinterpreted. Because of this, research on the topic has been difficult. I will share factual information on the order of the illuminate by focusing on some key topics on the subject.

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It is important to understand their impact on us young adults, because it affects us the most. C. Credibility: I am currently reading books that discuss the Illuminate, such as Master Amman: The Illuminate Secrets, Illuminate in the Music Industry: The Illuminate Facts and Fiction, and Proofs of a conspiracy. I have also studied controversial videos with the Illuminant’s presence from other authors, researchers, and even churches. I am looking at websites of the Illuminate using the Google search engine and Google scholar. D. Thesis/central Idea: E.

Preview: Today, I will inform you about the order of the Illuminate: the history, the role of it in the music industry, and the symbolism. Transition- First, I will explain the term “Illuminate”, which Is mostly characterized by the elite secret society that Is dominating the world. II. Body A. First Main Point- History of the Illuminate 1 . The Illuminate was a pact made originally back in early biblical times, between Satan and Cain. (Salisbury, 2013) On the other hand, society today, agrees that DRP. Healthful founded the Illuminate. ) According to John Robinson, author of proofs of a Conspiracy, published in 1798, states that DRP. Adam Whippet founded the illuminate in 1775. B) It was defected from the Catholic Church and he organized the illuminate, while being financed by the International Bankers. C) Its top goal has been to achieve a ;one world government” and to subjugate all religions and governments in the process. 2. There are 13 bloodlines in the Illuminate (Salisbury, 2013) a) The members are 13 wealthy families, who pass down the wealth to generation after generation. B) Example #1- 9th bloodline- Rockefeller.

They help determine who gets publicity In the major news magazines, and on television. They also fund a share of money that universities need to operate, 1 OFF bloodline- Rothschild They control all three U. S. Networks, plus aspects of the recording and mass media industry. Transition- Now that you know the origin of the Illuminate and their idea to world domination, I will now explain it’s role in the music industry. B. Second Main Point- Role in the Music Industry 1 . – Masonry has come to gain control over the masses by infiltrating not only the media, but also the music industry.

Since music is apart of everyday life, it is easy for them control people with it. – Most artists are falsely advertised as child friendly, or later change their image and message to something hardcore after they have achieved mainstream success with a chart-topping album. (For an example, Mile Cyrus and Justine Briber. ) 2. Mainly in Rap and Hip Hop music. They are dedicated to promoting a materialistic, hedonistic, violence. They are mentally enslaving messages using keywords about making money, getting laid, partying, 2417, etc…