The words of another person can be very Influential and persuasive and by me saying that I am going to enlighten you on why I think the best rapper of this time Is Kindlier Lamar. With me being born in 1994 while there was the notorious Outpace, who died in the year of 1994 also, and were famous for his raps and statements he put in his lyrics. So therefore I never go to listen to the so called heir of rap with my own expectations.

In result of that I have a keen sense to balance Kindlier Lama’s raps and statements to Tuba’s because I consider him the Outpace of my generations. The way he puts raps together makes you trigger your deep thinking skills. In my personal pollen I escalate him to being the most Intellectual non degree having person I have heard rap in my time. He can inform you on life struggles, government issues and also peer problems. Kindlier Lamar is the best rapper at putting imagery and describing his life issues; which can relate to other people problems as well. The hardest thing for me to do Is to get you to know me within 16 bars,” the rapper says on a track In which he relates a story of being shot at by a gang, even though ex.’s not affiliated. The problem Is not that Kindlier Lamar cannot reveal himself. It’s that there’s too much he wants to reveal. His thoughts tumble furiously: words swarm so frantically that in one song he eventually chokes on them. Being from a town with limited opportunities, Compton California, Kindlier Lamar tends to be a different rapper than most from that city.

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But the most perceptive, the one that best proves that the Compton rapper stands apart from forebears like NNW and Snoop Dog who started the fascinating rhymes and rhythm of that town is a song called money trees here he states that “Everybody gone respect the shooter but the one In front of the gun lives forever” saying that where he is from everyone has a fear of being shot by a thug or killed from a nonsense situation. But those that stand up and not be scared will forever live without fear of being shot or killed.

It’s the psychology of the victim, the thought process of the person facing the possibility of their demise that fascinates Lamar. Lamar Is the lyrically complex, politically saws artist who would normally be confined to the underground rap scene, making his Incredible immemorial success all the more startling. This Is a Compton rapper who gets told off by his mum, catches a SST, and vomits from too much liquor. The 25-year-old may rap about guns, but he is far from a gangs rapper. He celebrates his neighborhood but does not glamour criminality, deconstructing the gangster mentality rather than glorifying it.

He always said In his raps that he will make it out of the dark place he aroused from. An ability to look differently at the world surrounding him is what makes Lamar stand out. He does not promote the partying, drugs, and sex that most papers glorify in their music. Lamar has little of Drake’s pop and gloss, zero chart- friendly Euro-beats and no obvious single, while the only mentions of cars and cash are to confirm that he has neither making him a great model to take advice from through music.

He is not afraid to talk about obvious issues that are not brought to conversations. Normally you wouldn’t have hardcore rappers attempting to talk about anything like a gay marriage because they would feel it was wrong for their image. When you get people in hip-hop unafraid to discuss these topics, it is an evolution. Lamar puts this down to the fact he’s put his vulnerabilities on show. At the end of the day his success is because people perceived him as a human being rather than an action figure that can’t be touched.

People are used to music that Justifies street culture but something that’s not touched on is why these kids act the way they act, live the way they live. Enlighten the youth on the opportunities and chances that lie ahead of them are reasons why Kindlier Lamar is one of the best rappers right now. He prides himself on how he formulates his words, to keep his storytelling insistently deep and intricate. Kindlier Lamar Ductwork was born in Compton in 1987 to a family steeped in gang culture.

His father had been part of Chicago infamous Gangster Disciples, and his attempts to leave that life were thwarted when he and Lama’s mother landed in the crack-flooded, gang-polluted Compton of the sass. Though both parents worked regular Jobs, some of their extended family became embroiled in the internecine conflict between the Crisps and Bloods. Lama’s uncle was shot and killed, and various cousins went to prison.

Lama’s music intrigues these things of his life but it is not the negative things he states in his work it is the knowledge he knows and his album artwork is a photo of a young Lamar with his dad, who’s holding a rather large shotgun. In conclusion to why Kindlier Lamar is the best rapper of this time is a mutual relation of ethnic backgrounds because from the time him and his peers were born in the ass, when crack was everywhere, his friends had no figure to guide them. Father in Jail, mother strung out. He knew he was blessed with a gift of having both parents.

That gave him a little more insight on doing the right thing. His parents being there gave me a whole lot of confidence. His sense for composition and his lyrical ability, so keenly felt from a young age that he had to put it to use. Storytelling was something he found a knack for. Now his words are heard throughout the world and he still has time to develop more statements and lyrics to enlighten the youth and world on what is happening and how we can come together and create a better world and not plan a terrible demise for ourselves.