First Day of black history Month “Sinful Dreaming” The song “So Appalled by Kenya West seems to be one of many songs on Snake’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, album that takes a straight forward attack on the life that Kenya lives but at the same time likes. It seems that the album itself makes many claims about the lifestyle and things that people in the high society do. Beyond that Kenya West Is well known for his music being strictly more or less about the internal battle with himself.

One that is easily pointed out Is “I’m trying to write my rings, But its funny these same wrongs helped me write this song. “(Touch the Sky) I would have to say that through Kenya West career as a song writer he’s is one of the most consistent artist that openly points out and accepts the life he lives as something that isn’t the most holy life to have. As I listen to the song So Appalled I noticed that of all the songs on the album this song seemed to have the most serious or viable beat to go with Its pretty direct meaning.

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As I did the grammar and thesaurus changes to the song I did a lot of ding of the word I changing literally every verse into the first person and of course it sounded more like a story realistically about Snake’s life. I think the most important changes to me was the changing of the word “ridiculous” to “unbelievable” and also changing “appalled” to “amazing” which in my eyes gave the song kind of a double meaning and also reminded me of another song he did that was actually called amazing done In the album before this 808 Heartbreak which Is kind of the other half to this double meaning in the song.

With most of the changes I made I feel like I changed the song to better resemble the song “Amazing” which is in first person as he talks strictly in one verse about him knowing he is a problem and saying that that’s something he is fine with and saying that you’ll never be able to take that away from him. So I don’t really believe I changed the song from its meaning Just directed it and kind of tried to make It more direct which seems to be more Like Kenya.

In my eyes the song really talked about the way Kenya west realizes what he does In life ally is kind of unbelievable and somewhat unrealistic to the everyday life of a middle class or even a rich person who is Just beginning to see the high life but hasn’t yet really experienced the whole package to think on this level.

I believe that jay-Z verse is the most straight forward verse on the track that points out the sinful but amazingly unbelievable life the rappers live. I also kind of took this from Push It’s verse In the song were he starts out with “success Is what you make It” “take It how It comes ” as the verse goes on it seemed to me like he was talking telling a story of his eke as if it was something you tell a child.

He took the important concept of success and twisted it as if he’s success was good and turned to be someone what of an amazing but odd success that he is happy with but appalled with at the same time. The song really makes you think about how much the most successful rappers think about their lives as a whole. This song has to one of the most, straight forward and at the same time that the rappers in the song like the lives they live but at the same timed they call it ridiculous.