Doffs Society In 1996 more crimes involving Juveniles ages ten to seventeen had occurred then twenty years prior to that. The increase in crime was nearly 67 percent (Barbour, 1999). These crimes Include school shootings, robbery, and other various violent acts. The violence has yet to cease. There continues to be an increase in these aggressive behaviors. Thesis What caused such a large increase in Juvenile violence?

Music lyrics, family Truckee, and violent video games are key factors in the Increase of Juvenile violence. The youth play a vital role In society. If the causes are not Identified and explored, juvenile violence will continue to increase rapidly. Society will then suffer and begin a downward spiral towards destruction. Music Lyrics According to Bryan Grapes, the message delivered by many of today’s popular rap groups, Like Bone Thugs -?N-? Harmony and artist such as Outpace Shaker, Is that violence is and acceptable way of life (2000).

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If these are the messages being portrayed in today’s rap lyrics, then music is a key factor in juvenile violence. Mitchell Johnson, a student of Wasted Middle School In Sensors, Arkansas, Is one of two youths convicted of killing four students, one teacher, and wounding ten others on March 24, 1998 (Grapes, 2000). His teacher, Debbie Pulley was present during the violent occurrence. She states “Mitchell was always respectful by using yes ma’am and no ma’am in he responses to me.

I never saw him exhibit anger, never saw him commit any hostile act toward any other student or exhibit any behavior that would make me think Mitchell could commit this act” (Grapes, 2000). After the tragic act, Ms. Pulley and professional counselor James N. Woods asked around campus and looked for possible reasons why Mitchell would have committed this act of violence. They concluded that Mitchell had been listening to gangster rap and had shown a change two months prior to the shooting. Rap lyrics tend to glamorous violence by connecting violence to street credibility and status.

Rap music has grown in popularity and at the same time Juvenile violence has increased, leading to the conclusion that music lyrics cause teen violence. Family Structure Family structure Is Important In the development of adolescents. Hat Is labeled right and wrong is taught by the first social group that a child encounters. Family happens to be the first social group a child comes in contact with. Family has an effect on many of the behavioral traits that a child will learn throughout their life.

When Improper traits are taught, the child will come believe that these acts are acceptable in society. “Fatherless boys are more apt to Join gangs and commit violent crimes” (Barbour, 1999). Men who grow up without fathers currently represent 70 believe that single parent homes tend to lack economic and emotional stability that re only found by interacting with two parents (Barbour, 1999). Learning what both parents have to teach is essential in the development of a child. Video Games Video games have always played a part in children’s lives.

Since the mind of a Child absorbs so much, what they see and encounter in video games might cause them to believe that what they are doing is not harmful or of any consequence grapes, 2000). A contributor, Rick Dyer, states that “These are not Just video games anymore, these are learning machines. We’re teaching kids in the most incredible manner what it’s like to pull the trigger. The combination of heart-pounding music, fife like scenarios, and the life like characters that a video game produces can play a major role in a child’s ability to make the right decision” (Grapes, 2000).

Video games play a more productive role in a child’s life rather than a gory movie scene because the movie will only show the violence. The video game will give the child a “real-life feeling” because they pressed the button that pulled the trigger. Over 1,000 reports and studies on video game violence have concluded that video games play a role in ;venial violence (Barbour, 1999). There are educational video games to teach Children subjects such as math and reading.