Notorious B. I. G utilized ethos appeal In order to enlighten the public that change Is conceivable for everybody and he is able to validate this through his experiences. Ethos itself is a method in which a writer uses experiences of his life to depict his position concerning the issue at hand. In this case, Notorious uses multiple examples to show how he transitioned from being in the low class to the upper class. He also gives supporting evidence to show that his transition to such greatness was actually India.

With all the evidence and examples being given, Notorious puts everything in chronological order so the listener or reader can follow his rise to glory and fortune. Notorious was born Christopher Wallace and was raised by a single mother. He struggled living in the hardcore and tough streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant. He obviously had to survive the streets any way that he possibly could. The song “Juicy,” describes the events In his life and Justifies his Illegal actions. A clear example Is Illustrated In the opening verse of the song.

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With the statement, “To all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustling front of that called the police on me when I was just trying ‘To make some money to feed my daughter To all my peoples in the struggle, you know what I’m saying? It’s all good baby, baby, check it” (B. I. G). With the first line of the quote, Notorious gives an example of Justification for his actions. He states that he was trying to make money to feed his daughter by hustling. If he did not hustle, one could infer that his daughter could have been tarring from a lack of production from her father.

His whole motive for doing such things like selling drugs were all inspired by struggling for his daughter to get the basics that she needed. Notorious soon got the chance to do more than sell drugs as he began gaining fans In the record industry. In the end of the quote previously stated, Notorious says, “to all my peoples In the struggle, you know what I’m sally’? It’s all good baby, baby, check It” (B. I. G). That In Itself gives the perception that Notorious is trying to identify with the audience who has been in the same position as him.

By identifying with those people, he also gives them hope by showing them that he made it and even though that people are from similar background like Notorious, it is possible to make it in life. The overall message that one could obtain from such a quote is that could be to never give up and to keep going no matter what the circumstances may be. Notorious also incorporates the positive aspects from his life by describing how he made the change “from a common thief to up close and arsenal with Robin Leach” (B.

I. G). Robin leach was a celebrity that was famous for his work with other rich celebrities and their extravagant homes. So with Notorious saying that he went from a common thief to being close with someone of such stature, he truly rose to the elite of the social classes. If It was possible for Notorious to overcome his circumstances and become such a successful person, It Is possible that anybody can do the same in becoming great in life. So within the song “Juicy” by reader an idea on how he rose to glory.

Even though he was on the bottom, he strove to rise and be able to provide for his family. All the actions that he took were for the benefit of his family and he was successful in making his family financially stable. Self-Assessment Nile I revised my paper, I looked to see what I can improve in the paper. My thesis Nas revised to be more specific and I had to change some parts of my body paragraph to make my essay compatible with my thesis statement. My thesis is how Notorious uses ethos to show the public how change is possible and uses his experiences to confirm such feelings that he had.