Hip Hop now a days is what keep teenagers in the style. Teenagers think that Just listening to curse words is called rap. They listen to the upbeat sound and get lost in the music. I think gospel rap will be a good influence on teens. Teenagers love up to beat music, most rappers have been influence and have now turned around, canton Jones is an example of a gospel rapper Teenagers love rap music, so why not love gospel rap.

They love the beat. Teenagers tend to listen to famous people because they want to be like them so they do what they do and say what they say. Teenagers don’t want to listen to their parents. Teenagers feel like they don’t understand what they go through. They feel like since the rapper is rapping about the stuff they’re going through that they understand. Parents want to help out because they don’t want to see the children fail. When they listen to the rap it gets to their heads.

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When listening to that worldly rap you get so caught up in the music ND the beat that you really don’t listen to the lyrics. Teenagers can listen to that rap music and take the understanding the wrong way. When you listen to gospel rap you can’t take it the wrong way, it’s telling you the truth. You can listen to gospel music and understand the lyrics. When gospel rappers rap they tell you what they’ve been through and what God did to save them from the mess they were in. Canton Jones is a part singer, song writer, producer, vocal arranger and entrepreneur.

He is all bout bringing his unique style of hip- hop, R&B, and urban gospel to the forefront of the industry. Canton Jones wants to inspire young people that you can still be cool and be a Christian to. Canton Jones has 4 albums and several songs. I love all of his music like; “love song”, “stay saved”, “the Password” and many more. Canton Jones is a good example of “How Gospel rap is a good influence on teenagers”. Teenagers want the sound …… It’s there. They want the beat…. It’s there. Gospel rap is a good influence on teenagers.