To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform on Kindlier Lamar Ductwork Talent. Thesis Statement: Snickers Rising Career Introduction: Attention Getter: So you say you Like hip hop, and good lyricist, but have you given an upcoming rapper named Kindlier Lamar a chance? They are calling him “King of The West” and ” One of the best lyricist”. Reason to Listen: Because even if you don’t like hip-hop this can be your starting point, that its not all Just mainstream. L: Ask the class If they know who Kindlier Ductwork Is?

II: Answer Question by letting them know of his stage name “Kindlier Lamar, K- Dot” Preview Main Points 1. Early Life 2. Rising to mainstream/ Mistakes 3. DRP. Drew Named King Of the West. 4. Albums Credibility Statements: 1. Cosigned by Ill Wayne, one of the best rappers out right now 2. Signed to Aftermath , with DRP. Drew 1 of the best producers and responsible for the West Coast Rap. Body A. Early Life 1. Kindlier Lamar was born In Compton, California, to parents from Chicago, Illinois Lune 17th 1987. 2.

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At the age of 16, Lamar released his first mistake: “Youngest Head Amiga In Charge” under the name K-Dot. 3. It landed him a record deal with Top Dads .NET. And began to take his rap career serious. Transition: After his early life, now we will discuss how he got “radio plan and rise to mainstream with his music. B. Rising to Mainstream 1. He then released a twenty-six track mistake two years later titled Training Day. 2. He got more recognition when an upcoming rapper “Charles Hamilton” called him out on a “rap battle” .

He was cameo in Jay Rocks “all my life” video. 3. Went on tour tit other West Coast Rappers, Game , Jay Rock and Yea boy 4. All the attention even got him a co-sign from All Wayne, which Kindlier dropped his 3rd mistake co. 5. Soon after he dropped the name “K-dot” and went with his full name. C. Being Discovered by DRP. Drew Named King Of the West. 1. In 2010 he toured with tech nine and Jay Rock, shortly after dropping his mistake “Overly Dedicated” 2. A particular song titled “Ignorance is Bliss” caught DRP.

Dress attention, then made deals with Top Dads .NET. To work with Kindlier on DRP. Dress and DRP. Drew in Los Angels, all 3 of them crowned Kindlier as the “New King of The West Coast. ” 4. He is now signed with DRP. Dress label Aftermath. 5. Things changed quickly for Kindlier and started working with other rappers such as; J. Cole, Rick Ross, Gun play, Big Bio and even Lady Gaga. Transition: Now that we discussed Kindlier working with DRP. Drew and his mistakes. And all his features and work with other already big artist, we can discuss his Bums. D. Albums 1.

In 2011 Kindlier Dropped his 1st Official Album “Section 80” it sold over 5,300 chital copies in its first week! WITHOUT any television or radio promotions. It also received a lot of good feed back. 2. In 2012 Kindlier Lamar dropped his 2nd studio album “good kid , m. A. A. D. City’ it was met with critical acclaim and debut at number 2 selling 242,000 in it’s first week. 3. Kindlier is already talking about a an upcoming album in 2013. Conclusion In Conclusion Kindlier Lamar is a very talented upcoming rapper, from the west. Look at all he’s done so far and there’s more to come.