Nas, has a positive message that encourages people, but mainly children to work hard and stay In school, so that they can be what they want to be In life. His song’s lyrics Instill a certain pride, fight and determination in the listener to go out and better themselves. From the beginning the song tell children who wants to become a singers or actors to Just deal with the positive influence with it and not the negative things about the business.

Nas tell the listener not to get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Don’t worry bout how someone else sees you; think about how you can be a positive force on yourself and others. In the next verse, Nas speaks of young girls trying to grow up too early. Don’t worry about acting and dressing like what you see on television or videos especially. Nas is tell Eng young women you could be put in situation that is life-altering like rape or HIVE. He also says that the listener could host a television show Like Opera.

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Nas Is comparing the listener to Opera. Opera came from poverty, she was raped, and even though all these negative things were part of her youth, she still went to college and overcame all the the obstacles and became one of the wealthiest and well-know people in America. If Opera wasn’t so driven, her life could have turned out a lot differently. Nas tells young men that life ASS about more than smoking weed, selling drugs and buying big chains and ]leery.

Get your education and stop living off of women, be a man, go to school and become what your dreamed to be. In the last verse, Nas speaks about Black American’s being sold into slavery because of Kenney that whites in America and Africans could make to of it. He also raps about how Europeans took over Africans riches. Not only their gold, but their libraries, books, teachings, and discoveries. How Europeans shot off the nose of the Sphinx to make the face look more Anglo-Saxon.

Many Ideas and Inventions have been stolen from Black Americans men and women for years. Credit has not been given to these people, even in many of the history books today; they don’t explain how many inventions were actually invented by Black Americans. Nas raps directly to the youth of America, letting them know that they don’t have to be drug dealers or thugs, that they can succeed by reading and writing. He also tells tout they can become anything they want to be.

Whether it be an architect, and doctor or president of the united States-but in any career they choose, it’s going to take effort and practice to succeed. This song Is universal to everyone, men, women and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds can relate to these lyrics, and the message It Is bring out. Believe In determination. This song ash a very positive message and encourages people to work hard, stay in school, be yourself and strive for excellence. “l Know I Can, Be What I Want To Be, If I Work Hard At It, I’ll Be Where I Want To Be. ”