Humanities allows us to look at the past, the past will allow us to see what our future holds. This paper will examine how the study of humanities Is differentiated between other modes of expression. The paper will also review examples of art, music, architecture, philosophy, literature and film that reflect current socio- economics, technology and politics. Humanities Defined The study of humanity provides insight into how humans have developed culturally. The insight that art, literature and music can provide allows us to understand the influence that It provided In the development of our future, or our today.

This awareness gives us the opportunity to see how Important facts and events have influenced others. Specifically, how artists, writers, performers, and philosophers used these influences to tell the stories of their time. This review provides value in the fact that it allows us to understand how art uses symbolism or how representations of facts or events are portrayed within the artist’s creations. Art Art Is defined as a style or form of expressing culture. Art is a broad term used to categorize the way In which Ideas, views, dreams, and events are expressed.

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There Is no one type of art. However, the most commonly forms that are known as art include sculpture, and painting. Leon Geol., an American painter, would be a good example of an artist who used politics and the techniques of war and terrorism in his work. The Broad Art Foundation describes Geol. as “an existential and activist painter, Gogol’s Interest in the depiction of the figure never waned, and he has recently regained recognition for his large-scale, politically charged works that directly address Issues of war, racism. Sexism and power” (Geol. Collection. 2007). The website goes on to state that “political terror and man’s abuse of power are the remarry subjects rendered in his monumental and highly topical paintings” (Geol. collection, 2007). Music is a common form of expression used to communicate current trends, politics, technology and socioeconomics. The most common genre of music today that expresses all of these messages Is hip-hop music.

Specifically “Gangs rap represents part of a larger focus on hip hop and politics that Is popular within the media and among scholarly research and the prominence of gangs rap in the late sass and early 1 sass prompted the association between hip hop and violence that contemporary social scientists theorize” (Gillian, 2007). Architecture There are several different methods within modernism style of architecture. The modernist style looks for function rather than trying to reproduce the natural environment.

There are several forms wealth the modernism style they Include: structuralism, formalism, Bauhaus, the international style, brutality, and minimalism. The features of modernism includes the fact there is little embellishment or decoration, man made supplies are used (metal and concrete). Architects in the 20th century include I. M. Pet. Philosophy Philosophy is defined as a “comprehensive system of ideas about human nature ND the nature of the reality we live In and Is a gulled for living, because the Issues It we treat other people” (Thomas, 2005).

Major philosophers of the 20th century include Carl Jung, Albert Campus, and Bertrand Russell. Literature Literature provides readers a written composition comprised of current or previous cultural issues. According to the Department of State’s website “Social and economic advances have enabled previously underrepresented groups to express themselves more fully, while technological innovations have created a fast-moving public forum” (U. S. Department of State, 2007). One example of a current piece of iterate is the novel, The Kite Runner.