Hip hop started back in the late asses. Hip hop is many things such as music, style, dancing, and an overall swag. They say hip hop started back in the ass and back then people were doing break dancing and b-boning. The music culture also started up in New York in the early asses among the African Americans and Latino Americans. Since hip hop started in the Bronx, the lifestyle of hip hop culture has spread around the world.

Other form of hip hop is beating, hip hop fashion, and slang. Parents try to blame certain solution on hip hop. They should take a deeper kook starting at home, because if the apples are bruised, rotten and Jacked up, they didn’t fall far from the trees. Many rapper points out the fact about life and parents just don’t understand that. Hip hop culture profound reality of black culture and given thousand young youth to examine their own lives. Parents really have to think about this because hip hop is not going any where.

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There are many positive contributions from the hip hop culture. The slam poetry settings evolved out of the hip-hop community. Some of it does not have any curse words. Young folks have found a way to express themselves that was really Inspired rap. So before you start Judge hip hop take a look into it first. Don’t Judge the music be open minded and ask about it where it come from. Parents don’t know but a lot of time teen are relating with one particular emotion that Is expressed In the music.

When teens turn to the music is because they feel that their parents talk at them and not to them. So that’s why teens turn to the music because they can relate to the music or the music can relate to them. So that why parent from It easy to negative aspect of hip hop. But there is a lot of positive aspects of hip hop such as political, social, or economic empowerment receive scant attention. Rapper Is now coming out more positive often and their styles and topics are diverse and broad ranging.

Their beats are Just as infectious as any brand of hip hop and they are bringing a lot of sense of balance and reality that has been missing for a while now. So many people feel hip hop Is not the same Like It was when It first started back In the late asses. I can say hip hop been through It’s up and down but I feel It always have a positive effects on teens. Its what we make out life so I feel parents should stop blaming thing on hip hop and Just get a better understanding of It.