My Mission is to create an environment where sneakers are not Just something to put on your feet. Sneakers are not a fad. Sneakers are a way life and Is a sub culture of hip hop fashion. My goal Is to turn this lifestyle Into a business and contribute to the sneaker world by promoting and customizing kick’s to keep this movement positive forward direction. I am creating a sneaker customization service that will also double as a sneaker store. The customization service will be available to male and females. Shoe sizes will range from size: 5-14. My service will offer the brands of Aids and Nikkei to choose from.

The models we will customization will be the Aids “superstar shell toe”, the Nikkei “alarm force 1 the Nikkei “dunks” and the Nikkei “air Max 95”. This Is a significant business because It will appeal to a variety of different people but will mainly focus to the needs of individuals in there early teens to late twenties. The competition is located on the web: Nikkei. Com. The service provided by Nikkei does not offer as much creativity as my service offers. I will provide the customer with a unique and cost effective approach to the design. The customer can sketch the design they may want their sneaker to be customized.

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The Nikkei arrive does not provide customers to design sketches such as comic or cartoon characters. Nikkei has a take It or leave It approach. My service will be much cheaper. The customer can bring their own shoes in then we go over the design process together. Customers can also purchase a brand new pair of sneakers from my business. Since, the sneakers may be provided by the customer we cannot accept sneakers that are not fit to meet the needs of a successful customization. The customer would then have to purchase a new pair of sneakers that are In stock.

My business will double as a customization shop as well as a sneaker store The customer does not have to customize sneakers purchased. People can purchase and already customized pair of sneakers. I will also have 2 to 3 employees that will be the main designers for my business. The employees attend F. I. T and Parson’s school of design. The employees will create sample designs for customers to view to show the quality of the work we perform. This is not a fad it Is fashion. There are websites supporting this such as: http://www. Collectors. Com/OK/reviews/ankle. HTML and http://www. Placekicks. Com. The lifestyle behind sneakers Is very creative It Is art as mention by snappishness’s. Com “Sneaker Pimps [ The World’s Largest Sneaker and Street Art Based Art Show ]Sneaker Pimps is the worlds largest touring sneaker show. It features over 1000 pairs of rare, limited edition, vintage, celebrity signed, artists collaborated sneakers. The show doesn’t only show off sneakers, it also flaunts a collection of sneaker inspired artwork, fashion and photography. Sneaker Pimps has visited over more than 62 cities throughout the world.

Sneaker Pimps has developed a global following, with thousands of people attending Sneaker Pimps shows world wide”. The tools that will be used will be provided by the designers. The fabric and materials will be purchased by me. The process will normally take about 4-5 business days to complete for customer sketched designs. Since, this is a home based business I can only accept custom sketch orders on Mondays and Tuesdays so the sneakers can be available for customer pick-up on Thursday’s and Friday’s. And will focus on the needs of the metropolitan area in terms of sneaker lover’s and stretch out to Manhattan.

The service I provide will be available to whoever has $70 – $120 dollar’s to spend on a custom pair of shoes that are unique. Depending on the make and model of the shoes and difficulty of the design the price will vary. . When the customer brings in his/her sneakers which meets acceptable standards $40-$60 dollars is going to reflect the price range of the service that will be provided at a regular price. Variations in price will be determined throughout the length of the business which discount coupons and items placed on sale to make room for new products in the limited inventory space available in my home.

The primary location will be on the first floor of my home. I had tenants prior to renovation. There was modification’s completed to my home on the first floor to make it look like more of a store front. I contracted my brother in law to install large wide glass windows to be installed as well as a window gate to prevent theft. I decided to create a business rather than have new tenants move in. I can always get new tenants to move in if the supplemental income is not sufficient.

The location is located and easily accessible by means of car, bus, and light rail train. The location is also 2 blocks away from New Jersey City University so advertising will be easy. I can cost up fliers near the school so students can check it out. Snyder H. S. Is also located in the area. My clients will be of early-mid teens to young adults in their twenties. I will use my PC to save information on clients and also to design fliers for advertising as well as a web-based mail order service so my business can be reached or researched by potential customers.

The use of PC will also help to see what similar businesses are offering so I can keep up with the competition or so I can set the bar for the competition to meet. The thought pattern my key clientele will possess would resemble this : “Have you ever thought about how people differentiate a true “sneaker head” from a regular, ordinary person who enjoys buying sneakers? As crazy as it may sound, there are differences that arena addressed directly, but are understood through conversations, a person’s appearance, and so on. Sneaker heads have their own ways of figuring that out.

Camille states, “the whole process of buying, reselling, trading, collecting, discussing, analyzing, blobbing, worshipping, scoping, hoarding, storing, and rocking them is what’s called the sneaker game,” which leads us to how people got the term, knucklehead. Sneaker’s, for the most part, are considered educated consumers, able to name-drop the history, background, and designer of a particular shoe. But burgeoning popularity tends to breed ignorance. The early-adopters of sneaker culture were originated in New York City, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo”.

Life, love and sneakers Camille Dodder. “They’re sneaker’s. The whole process of buying, reselling, trading, collecting, discussing, analyzing, blobbing, ogling, worshipping, scoping, hoarding, storing, and rocking them is what’s called the sneaker game. And tit easily accessible online fashion-hype builders like Hyphenates. Com (tagging: IT’S AN ADDICTION) and Nickname. Com, it’s being played now more than ever. Sneaker culture isn’t Just confined to online forums and brick-and-mortar high-end stores; it’s also creeping into the mainstream.

Last February, when 150 potential buyers showed up at a Lower East Side boutique to purchase only 30 pairs of a $300 NYC-tribute dudes waited on nearby corners to rob buyers leaving with their spoils, the NYPD swooped in, and the New York Post splashed the street ruckus on the front page. This past summer, Where’d You Get Those? : New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987 author Bottom Garcia hosted It’s the Shoes on ASPEN, a late-night sneaker-centric summer-series featuring interviews with the likes of Carmela Anthony, Spike Lee, and Missy Elliott.

In November, Riverbed Books published Sneaker Breaker: The Book, a softener compendium of the first six issues of the sleekly designed Australian fan- magazine that’s become a scene linchpin. There’s even a specialty market for art with sneakers as a muse: paintings, customized Jewelry, Swiss chocolate. ” Sneakers are not only Jus for walking or running. Sneakers have an internal meaning to the individual and as long as that is present the profits will be made “Sneakers have been a great asset in the urban and hip-hop culture since Michael Cordon’s dunk from the free throw line and Run Dam’s hit, “My Aids. Nine’s hype and hip-hop artists like Newly, Farrell, Missy Elliot, etc. Drastically increased the sneaker craze. Some sneaker heads collect simply because it reminds them of their childhood. Nevertheless, there are all different stories, reasons, and meanings for a person to collect sneakers. While some non-sneaker heads may not understand what the hype is all about, it seems as if sneaker heads have a culture of their own.

A multitude of Web sites, museum exhibits, magazines, newspaper articles, books, and of course stores are dedicated to the sneaker craze. Sneaker heads have their own language, which you can see if you ever go on sneaker chat rooms like Nekton. Com, and one sneaker head can always identify another,” Stated Barbara. ” “The Method Behind the Madness; Sneaker Culture Not Just a Fad” Barbara. Rap artist, lyricist, co-founder of the Neptune and N. E. R. D, and CEO of Star Track s not only a well respected hip hop artist but also a well known sneaker head.

The die hard fashioning that Farrell is, has and holds his incredible reputation in the fashion industry, known to have made skateboarding gear actually sexy and trendy. “Fashion for Farrell is a lifestyle,” adds celebrity stylist June Ambrose. “Clothing for him is like second skin. It’s like the early days of hip-hop when artists didn’t need stylists. He knows how to translate fashion. ” Turning his passion into profit, Farrell created Billionaire Boys Club, an apparel line which includes Jeans, tees, hoodoos, and arrest Jacket that can sells across the board.