The most widely excepted definition of rap music Is spoken words with a rhythm of bass, drums, and keyboard sounds. The words are spoken over the music and the accents and emphasis on words is important. Hip Hop is defined as the accompanying background music but is often used as a synonym to rap music. Sass’s Influences on rap music started as early as the sass’s when Rhythm & Blues and Jazz included many of the elements that make up rap music.

Rap music became its own genre of music in the Sass’s when Dad’s from New York, such as DC Lovable, DC Cool Here and DC Hollywood, began manipulating, or scratching, records to make rhythms, beats, and other sounds. As this took place the rapper would speak over the music using rhymes. The rapper would use emphasis and accents with their lyrics. In 1979 the Sugar Hill Gang marketed the first rap single with their hit “Rapper’s Delight”. This forced the world to acknowledge that rap was a force In the music Industry. Ass’s In 1982, with the release of the single “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, rap music took on a new purpose. The song stated the hardships of vying in the “ghetto” of New York as is shown in the chorus of the song. “Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to loose my head, It’s like a Jungle sometimes, It makes me wonder, How I keep from going under. ” In 1986 sampling was developed. Rap artists would use beats, rhythms, background music, and sometimes exact lyrics from previously recorded songs and incorporate them into their recordings.

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They often used a machine, known as a sampler, to replicate the existing sounds and tracks. Sampling led to problems, however. Musicians whose sic was used In other songs saw no profit from the sampling. This led to many lawsuits. Also, fans felt betrayed that the rappers didn’t come up with their own music as they had in the earlier days of rap. Considered the “Fathers of Hip Hop”, Run DMS pioneered rap music in the sass. The group consisted of three men. Joseph Simmons (Run), Darryl McDaniel (DMS), and Jason Micelle Mom Master Jay) made up the most influential rap group of all time.

They were the first rappers to have a gold album, a platinum album, a multi-platinum album, a music video on MAT ND the first rappers to appear on many popular television programs and magazine covers. The late sass’s also saw an emergence of white rappers. The Beastie Boys were the first recognized white rappers. They had many hit singles during the sass’s such as “Fight for Your Right to Party”, “Hey Ladies”, and “Sabotage”. The Beastie Boys continue to make rap music today. Sass’s Early In the Sass’s sampling was banned unless authorized by the artist who originally recorded the song. Rappers, again, began recording original songs.

The early ass also saw an emergence of a new, more explicit, type of rapping. West Coast explained extreme situations of violence and sexuality. Many resented this and would fight for some sort of censorship. In response, the Parental Advisory label was developed and placed on all music albums containing explicit lyrics. This was designed to warn parents of what their children were listening to. In the early ass’s Vanilla Ice emerged as the second white rapper to have a number one single or album. The single “Ice Ice Baby” and its accompanying album, “To the Extreme” both hit number one on the Billboard charts in 1990.