There Is a huge controversy going on right now between the Hip-Hop Culture and America. When we say America we really we The U. S. Even though hip-hop is worldwide. Hip Hop means the whole culture of the movement. When you talk about rap. Rap is of the hip-hop culture. The emceeing. The d-saying is part of the hip-hop culture. The dressing the languages are all part of the hip-hop culture. The break- dancing, the b-boys, and the b-girls. How you act, walk, look talk are all part of hip- hop culture.

And the music is colorless. Hip-hop music is made from Black, brown, yellow, red, and white cultures. Whatever music that gives you the grunt. That funk. That grove or that brat. It’s all part of hip-hop. Hip-Hop began as an early ‘ass youth street culture In New York City, with all of the peculiarities of place embedded In let- the slang the way people moved. If one had grown up In the Black community of Oakland or Detroit or Philadelphia Instead, the local dance might be the Bugaboo or the stepping rather than B;boning or Rocking.

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Just as James Semesters reminds us that the Black Arts movement looked different whether you stood in Watts, Newark, Chicago or Atlanta what became hip-hop would take on the characteristics of each immunity’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. Everything has a context, a beginning point. What you hold in your hands is not Just another project defending our music. This is about hip-hop. To most people hip-hop signifies rap.

And perhaps well it should, for since the art of party-rocking was transferred in the form of 1 ass’s “Rapper’s Delight’ to a twelve-inch piece of black polyvinyl chloride, born literally of salt and oil, then distilled further from 15 minutes of rhymes too 3 minute pop song-in other words, a portable commodity that could leverage hundreds more hip-hop had been an inescapable fact. But rap’s pop dominance has eclipsed hip-hop’s true Importance In particular, It has hidden the ways that hip-hop has become one of the most fare aching and Transformation arts movement of the past two decades.

Hip-hop has set the imagination of a generation on fire. The hip-hop arts movement has left its mark on theatre, poetry, literature, journalism, performance art, visual arts, video, film, criticism, dance, photography, graphic design, not to mention the recombinant and emerging versions of any and all of the big ideas of this generation, a grand expression on of collective powers. Hip-Hop’s internal creative force doesn’t rest.

In the Time that it fakes for a cluster of kids on the block to go from youngness to confident teens arbiters of slang, dance style and swaggers to grown-ups moving on and out the culture has turned over again, leaving the universe with a whole lot of new matter to deal with. Then declaring the next set of children to be the killers of their natural-born hip-hop, which of course Is completely true. So from children painting graffiti on trains and buildings to teens customizing canvases, we have adults rethinking painting sculpture, graphic design, installation art and

Ion Farley in this 1999 article from Time Magazine. ” Most likely to the roughen beat of rap. ” Music, politics, ethnic identity, social protest and style rolled into one hip-hop and the accompanying raw poetry of rap have surged far beyond their roots n the streets of the Bronx, in the sass’s. Hip-hop has exploded into the American mainstream, embraced by Madison Avenue Advertising Executives and as common place in the suburbs as in the inner city.

Farley looked back at the origins of Hip-Hop and rap and forward to where they might be taking us,” In Hip-Hop Nation music sixes with memory when we think back over the 20th century every decade has a melody. A rhythm sound track. The years and the sounds bleed together as we scan through them in our recollections or a car radio searching for a clear station. Hip-Hop is everywhere. My main question is why is America mad at the fact that rappers portray back woman as hussies and its been going on for years, so why is it a big issue now?

Why didn’t this come up years ago? We think that hip-hop is more Interesting with the more cursing rappers use. Some things rappers talk about in their music does sometimes influence us. But some songs are encouraging kind of like song Read a Book we seriously think that some kids have started to read a lot more because I Just finished a book that I really enjoyed. When you talk about things that we see a everyday we understand it more and we enjoy the music a lot more. Hat’s why we can memorize a song better than we can get all As in school. We don’t Ant rappers to stop rapping because of what others are saying because we love the music and some children have hopes of becoming rappers when they get older and a lot of us look up to rappers and singers and say I want be Just like them when we row up, but we’re not saying that about the half naked video girls. We really Just think they are unnecessary, but if you were to ask a group of boys they would say the exact opposite.

Since the mid-sass’s rap music has greatly influenced both black and Unite culture in North America a lot of the slang of Hip-Hop culture have become standard parts of the vocabulary of a significant number of young people of various ethnic origins. Seaplane College Students vs.. Hip-Hop Moguls-One young lady serious but humorous quip indicated that no rude guy in a club ever asked to see her dent ID before deciding to call her a “ho” for say, not Joining him on the dance floor. This is indeed, how altercations start.