Many Hip Hop Star Influence Teens Have you ever wanted to be like a hip hop star? Many teenagers choose hip hop star as their role model because that’s all they see and Like the way they dress and act. Hip Hop stars influence teenagers In this century by the things they sing or rap In songs, how they dress, and what they do. Hip Hop singers and rappers Influence teenagers In their music of today. Ever since the rise of rap and hip-hip music, teen have been turning to HIP Hop Stars music to help solve their problem.

See Hudson, source#4) Like the song by Mile Cyrus “We Can’t Stop,” The message of the song Is that young people can do whatever they want and nobody can tell them anything. I can say that the children In the Virgin Islands are very influence by this song because they came up with the saying Hannah Montana meaning you can do what you want. Now on the other hand rap influence teenagers, mostly teen boys by what they in their raps when they talk about guns, need and calling girls Lyrics like” (girl) you looking’ good, won’t you back that hang up” Bonneville) and “l got a whole lotto money, *****sees count it for me… It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party” (Wake Flock) (See Docks, source#2) It’s not a surprise that many people are bashing the genre of hip-hop and rap music. (See Docks, source#2) Beside the music they sing and rap hip hop stars influence teens with the way they dress and how they groom themselves. By the view of the social media, teens stay on the web to see what’s new with the stars of today. Music videos have a big role in what teens are thinking is right to wear and how to look.

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Like how Beyond Nears a one piece leotard, Iranian with her nails so pointy and hair color and what the music video back round dancers wear. For girls is Just who can look like the artist they want to be like. But with boys is that they want to be hard and hood so, they follow what the artist is giving off as hood. Teens do take things to the heart; meaning like the things they see in music video that is fake they make it real. Although hip hop star influence teens with music and how they dress, they also Influence them in what they do.

There are many other example I can give but I want to talk about Mile Cyrus because she has a big Impact on teens of this century. In the VIM awards this year Mile Cyrus went on stage and started to twerp on the stage, now girl think that trekking every place Is cute. HIP Hop artist Just do things to make a name, knowing that teens look up to them. (See Keller, source#5) If a star gets arrested and teens see that the artist get out easy and fast they going think that they can get arrested and get out easy and fast too. Like when T. To arrested; he got arrested so many times but It had this one time he got arrested and made a music ‘Dido In Jail and he was out In no time. Teens are Like babies what they see other people do they are going to do and mostly because they want a name like the artist. Teens need to realize that not everything you see an artist do you need to do; make your own image. You can listen to the music; you don’t have to be the music.