Music is apart of our everyday lives whether it is listening to Classical, Rap, Alternative, or R&B; it plays a major role in society and how many people look at life, love, and relationships. We are a product of our environment and music is a part of our environment. I believe that the type of music a person listens to can depict how one views their belief system. Starting at a young age men and women can easily be influenced by music in which they learn how to treat one another in any type of relationship.

Rappers are the individuals who seem to be the people that other males look up to. I eave had personal experience in relationships that was basically built off what guys view as socially correct due to something a rapper has said. “l be pimping these hoes” and noon my pitch” are Just two of the lyrics you can often hear hardcore rappers talks about. To me it’s not realistic.

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Men take it as a race to see who can succeed the best in having multiple women not wanting to soon reap the consequences that come with hurting women or even hurting themselves. Rap stars are encouraging early sexual activity and disrespectfully among teenagers by promoting a degrading view of women and men. Women being depicted as objects re seriously on a rise in the community Just from showing videos such as girls shaking their butts for money.

These portrayals objectify and degrade women In ways that are clear but they do the same to men by depicting them as sex-driven studs. I believe that women and men need to be much smarter and realize that being disrespectful to each another and not loving each other are causing more and more disastrous and unhealthy relationships. Musicians are being very blunt about how they view the sexual scripts of men and women. Children may grow up beveling that this type of behavior between women and men Is acceptable.