Research Proposal My topic Is how the Truly has come to shape or define how we, the public define hip-hop. The Trinity is the idea of how hip-hop has become ill or sick due to the fact that it has evolved from the old traditional days into the new pimp, “h&’, and “gangs” type of hip-hop. In my paper I will diagnose what the you would consider the original thoughts were of hip-hop and how they have been altered. The thought back then for what we now now wasn’t close to anything like it is now days.

There was a sense of community and also a big tradition and name that people had to hold up. It wasn’t about getting girls. It was about sticking it to the man and people back in the day showed ways to stick It to the man in many different ways. The second thing that I will try to do Is paint a picture for my readers on the Trinity. Not many people know exactly how much there views have been shaped by this sickness In hip-hop by these songs.

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For example, Togas “Make It Nasty’ song Is completely about having sex and doing drugs. But at the same time there is a deeper message behind it. A message of how many girls he can get and how many rubber bands he is “pippin”. That’s not what hip-hop is all about. As I stated before I’m doing to digest how this new pimp, ho, and gangs style of hip-hop has defined on how the regular listener has defined hip-hop, as well as really help people understand what hip-hop really is .