In HIP Hop It is a common belief that hip hop has served as the medium for healing racial tension in the 21st century. Although the hip hop industry has seen a subtle wave of successful white American rappers over the past couple of decades, this is not enough to suggest a racial merge in the predominately black American world of hip hop. White Americans are not typically welcomed into the hip hop community.

The few white American rappers that have made It big in the hip hop industry must be dewed as exceptions to the Idea that the rap community Is solely interested In the creative narratives of African Americans. Over the past few decades, Its very clear that the stereotypical hip hop artist Is an African American male who speaks about violence and how he went threw the struggles of growing up in a poor community. But that does not always have to be the case. For example, Mine is a white rapper from the trailer park homes of Detroit.

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Although he is not African American, he still used his pain of growing up in a lower class community with a very poor relationship with his single parent mother. The rap industry is a primarily black American industry. There is no law that says white rappers are prohibited in our society, but generally speaking; the rap industry is powered by black American individuals. The rap industry has grown so tremendously over the passed years that this one time primarily one time predominately black American ran industry has now expanded. The industry Is now global and world wide, with artists touring In all different cycles and countries.

Now that the Industry Is globalize, there are many other races and ethic groups showing interest into this industry of hip hop and rap music. This day in age there are many more white Americans as well as other races that are trying to make it and make a name for themselves in this high powered hip hop industry. Radio listeners , research The hip hop industry Is like any other industry; if it is predominately ran by one kind of person, that individual may not want any other people such as those of a different race or gender or ethic group to try and be a success in that industry.

As another example we can compare hip hop to politics. Politics back in the day were ran by all white American males, and now we have women running politicians and even a black president. There are many people who are unhappy about the president being black. The same goes on in hip hop; the black Americans in the Industry and the fans of the Industry and hip hop music, may not want to see a successful white rapper in an industry where most of the success is obtained by black Americans.