What my partner thinks Based on the title, what do you think you will be reading about? I think Ill be reading about how music In this generation has changed our world. Paragraph 1: What does this paragraph tell you about how McBride feels about hip hop? He dislikes hip hop because he feels as If It Isn’t music, that all rappers are bad influences. What does McBride realize in this nightmare scenario? What McBride realizes Is that he is going to live in a everything is about music because his daughter is marrying a rapper.

What do you predict McBride will discuss in his essay? McBride will discuss on how his world will change because off rapper Joining the family. Last Line (1 2): What do you think McBride might be referring to? Can we… What? Make a list of possible endings to the question based on the topic I think he might be referring to the beat of music, & the message it sends to people. What We Think (three sentences): We think that James McBride will discuss how… He will discuss how feels about his daughter marrying a rapper.

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