Music is a language understood all over through Its rhythm and the feeling It can give a person. It defines personality and demonstrates emotions better than any other means of expression. Hip-Hop gives adolescents a way to escape from problems and troubles of their lives and articulate their emotions through dance, rapping, beat boxing, Digging and graffiti. Hip-Hop is more than Just a genre that most people don’t understand. It is a civil movement of the public conveying who they are and what Is on their minds.

This movement does nothing but bringing people gather while at the same time bringing out one’s uniqueness. The connotation that Hip-Hop culture creates is generally one of violence, corruption, and misogynistic views on women, but the Hip-Hop culture creates a way for the youths of America to express themselves in an innovative, musical, and artistic fashion. Rap is about true life and the ups and downs everyone has. Rappers are thought of as thugs because they had a hard life and would do anything to get money.

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They rap about their mistakes so that other people don’t make the same mistake. When people hear drugs n a song they always look at it as there rapping about doing drugs, but in reality rappers tells kids not to do drugs because they did and do not want others to have same life they did. When people are faced with adversities, troubles, and hardships throughout their lives they resort to something they can relate to. To teens Hip-Hop and Rap music Is their something to relate to. It provides encouragement and motivation to ease their minds and go on living life.

The people born in this generation have experienced many of life’s hardships, rap and hip-hop music revives reassurance that the troubles the average teen faces will pass. Hip hop was founded by people who were in violent environments during violent time and were treated violently. When artists speak about their experiences in their music they are lust being truthful In what they say. To some It may sound Like they are encouraging this violent behavior, but they are simply enlightening the listeners of the artist familiarity with bad times.

Rappers are conscience in what they say to influence the listener in a positive manner. For Instance, the Hip Hop artist Common Is compared o some of the great musical influence’s of our time like Bob Marble, Marvin Gay, and Steve Wonder. He believes that music deserves a message, not Just someone talking on a track. Like in his song ‘The People” when he says, “Yeah, It’s for the People. This is street radio, for unsung heroes. Riding in they regal, trying to stay legal. My daughter found Memo, I found the new primp. Yeah you know how we do, we do it for the people-And the struggles of the broth’s and the folks.

With lovers under dope, experiment to discover hopes. Scuffle for notes, the rougher I wrote, times were reader. Went from rocky starter to a voice of a martyr. ” He explains to his audience that he experienced hard times and did bad things but he wants his audience to do and be better than him. Common feels that if he can positively Influence just one person, he has done his Job as a musician. He is known for being a rapper that has positively Influenced adolescents across America by sticking to what Is Important. Common Speaks about prejudice, politics, and doing what is right.

Along with Common on the influential rappers is Taliban Swell. Taliban suggest that people merely bout how difficult it is to live in the bad neighborhoods across America. For instance in his song “Going Hard” he says, muff say you never scared there’s kids in other countries. Making Jerseys, Jeans, and sneakers they could never wear. Parents never there, they’re busy building homes they can’t afford to buy. Cars they can’t afford to drive. Working Jobs that don’t support their life. You busy screaming gangs, gangs all that talk is trite.

You already know lost the fight if you don’t know the cost of life. These kids are forced to fight a war they can’t outrun. Anti got no shoes but got a UN. ” He is known for breaking down stereotype barriers not only through his music, but through his words outside the sound booth as well. Taliban is proud to wear his title of a conscience, underground rapper because his intention was to positively influence not only the listeners but the critics as well. Also with Common and Taliban Swell is KIRKS-One. KIRKS has influenced America through his words since the beginning of the rap genre.

KIRKS has influenced the people of America through his words as an outspoken and influential activist a book author and one of the primary choices of socially conscious rap. He feels that all rap and that the concept of rap itself is socially conscience. Yes there are some artists that take the easy way out and exploit the illegal and bad part of how they were brought up instead of taking the path of the truth that takes more work and effort to be a positive influence. For example when KIRKS-One’s song ,”Philosophical”, he says, “Higher consciousness, truth, I’ll be reaching for it.

Metaphysics, here’s an example cause I’m speaking of it. Put your hands in the air, but you must be aware. That even if your hands are down, anti they still in the air? I be taking you all the way down the road, taking you there. I’m living and giving Just a smidgen of what I share. The style that I’m kicking, lyric lickings from over there. We rocking forever, we get better with every year. With letters and intercessors I sever every fear. Looking here, like UPS KIRKS takes it there. Let’s make it clear, thought waves go through the air. You can act like you busy or you dizzy or you don’t care.

But listen here, everybody got a fear. An insecurity, some type of thing they goat clear. So hat’s when l, reappear, from the rear. Philosopher, follow the bright light to right here. I might wear, light gear. Appear when you least expect it, telling you now how to fight fear. With faith, you hear the bass, well clear the waste. You goat get the negative cats out your face. Get that irrelevant crap out your space. Conceive it believe it decree it achieve it with HASTE! ” These three very philosophical and profound lyricists are few of many positively influential Hip Hop artists.

Many people do not realize Hip Hop began by bringing communities and neighborhoods together on the trees of south Bronx. For years, the positive and respectable aspects of the movement have been hidden by violent or misogynistic messages from certain pop rappers. This movement has inspired universities, schools and institutions devoted to the expansion of the Hip Hop cultural movement. These multiple foundations drive towards using them as opportunities to promote dialogue and cultural understanding. They teach the origins of Hip Hop and what it’s all about which is to convey one’s independence and personality in an artistic matter.

Since the beginning of mankind music has been a method for us to communicate. Before there were genres, there was music to send a message. Hip Hop and rap music are no different than any other genre. Artists make it to create a message and to create or the divine, it is all in the music no matter which genre you are listening to. Hip Hop has become its own culture and part of ours. Instead of fighting it, we should be embracing the difference that Hip Hop and Rap brings to America. The Hip Hop Movement is here to bring us together, not to divide.