Regnant Is a form of dance music of Puerco Rican roller, characterized by a mix of Latin rhythms, danceable, and hip-hop or rap. Regnant has its own specific beat and rhythm. There are others version as to where Regnant originated from Panama. Then the music made it gracefully throughout Puerco Rice. The origins of Regnant begin with the two different versions. One of them Is, that In Panama first made first recording in the ass’s. The other is that Reggae developed in the ass’s in Jamaica and has gone through numerous changes.

Regnant is a combination with others sound and rhythm. Regnant became popular in Puerco Rice where it speeded quickly throughout the land. Regnant is a type of music where people can move freely and swiftly with the sound of the beats. With the combination of the beats and lyrics Regnant has quickly became popular in Latin culture. Regnant dancers wear lots of urban type clothing that feel good so they can move swiftly. The Instruments used In Regnant are bass, drums and, a synch guitar, also keyboard. Regnant the lyrics are typically spoken In Spanish. Reggae Is spoken In Jamaican.

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The dance that is associated with Regnant come in many forms. Regnant can be fast beat or sometimes slow but, mostly associated with fast beat. The lyrics in Regnant Is very unique because It can be spoken in a fast pace and can be spoken In a slow pace. Regnant has great movement with the dancer because It can also use and incorporate lots of hip hop moves. The beats are also unique because it is a blend of other music sound live instruments and computer technology. With all this Regnant has change over the years with Its sound lyrics and dance Regnant it’s ore Like Spanish hip hop if that what you want to call It.

Regnant has already accomplished something that other Latin musical forms never attained: not only has the music exploded the imaginations of young Latino and Latinist, but it’s found unique favor in mainstream US culture. Just a few years ago the Spanish one heard on non-Latin, commercial radio was limited to “Felid Invalid” and “La Vida Local”: now people hears 15-30 minute blocks of Spanish pop music on the stations that promise only hip hop. Spanish music on the radio has become so popular that it common to hear it on the radio.

Regnant has really effected the Spanish community because In night clubs and such party the Spanish community was requesting It. Much Like hip hop Regnant was dismissed but because it is a blend of so many music blends it became popular among all cultures. Also, with the growing Hispanic population in The US a new type of music was being requested people were getting tired of the old music and when Regnant hit people lust fell In love with It Instantly. Tons of radio stations have come out with a hip-hop/ Regnant format called hurrah (Hispanic urban). Finally, one of the most influential artist of all time is Bob Marble.

With his kind of different kind of beats which make up the music people know today as Regnant. Regnant has led to signing of major artist such as Daddy Yankee and Don Omar Signing. Regnant got so big till major rap labels wanted to sign these artiest to their label because they knew the potential with the music. Regnant has even dip into hip hop because lots of artist use the music and even have these Regnant artists feature in their songs. Regnant has become popular in the Spanish community and even others culture because of all the music blend s and will only continue to grow.