Introduction Hip hop has been around since the early ass. Some may say it was originated in New York and others may disagree (History of Hip Hop style, 2012). However, we can all come to one conclusion that hip hop Is Influential. Hip hop’s largest fan base Is the teenager population. It has changed over time from Run-DAM to now Ill Wayne and Drake. Hip hop will always be hip hop but it has changed overtime. It is different because of the message it sends Teenagers are heavily influenced by the messages in Hip Hop music.. HIP hop came from a mixture of different types of music genres.

Hip hop was first rhyming and mixing different beats. The beats were for people to dance not to rap over. Disco and blues impacted hip hop help created hip hop in the ass’s. DC Cool Here from New York went from reggae to disco . Him and a couple other dell’s began mixing and making remixes. People began to rap and speak over the beats that the dell’s played (Hip Hop Galaxy , 2012). Hip hop became prominent during the ass mainly. The evolution of HIP hop started in the ass. The beats and lyrics caught the attention of many fans especially teenagers. Teenagers dressed and were inspired by the rappers.

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Rapper such as AL Cool J was a rapper that was loved by teenage girls . KIRKS-One caught the attention of teenage boys who wanted to be rappers like him. Hip hop is still continuing to elevate with the new generation of artists . Hip hop will only influence teenagers more in years to come. Empirical Reasoning HIP -hop Music has been thought as many as a way to express oneself . Music has been around since the beginning of time and has evolved In many ways . Music consist on the different types of sounds. Not only does music express things it can affect the brain as well.

Hip hop music is a platform for artist to send a message to the younger fan base . Hip hop music can effect the brain in a positive and negative ay . Music helps you recall memories, boost your immune system, and enhances your productivity. Music Is bad also because it can give a bad Influence. The younger people listen to hip hop the most and the message can have a good or bad effect. That point in time . You can recall the year of the song or when you listened to it. Music helps you remember things because it send pathways to the brain “Ms. Jackson”. She gave me an example of how she remembers the days of the week .

She sings a song to help her remember. Also, a study shows that people with Listener’s disease listen to music and it helps them with their memory( (Kowalski, 011). I use music in my own life to help me remember things in life . Another good thing about music is that it can boost your Immune system. As we all know that the immune system take cares of the health of the human body. Without it we could not live. Music can has the ability to make people happy. Happiness is the opposite of stress and many people are stressed everyday. Music decreases stress and makes things better.

For example , upbeat dance music and soothing music as well can increase the number of antibodies in your immune system. ( lifesaver. Com). Music is not always good for certain people like the teenage population. Hip hop music especially because they send out so many different messages. Hip hop use to be known as a fun music. However now they talk about degraded women and guns. When the young kids listen to artist cursing and using guns their brain will take in all that information and try to repeat it. For example, I have a friend that watches music videos and he remembers everything he see.

He curses at time and refers to guns. He is a teenager and I think the music is affecting him negatively. Many see the empirical reasoning part of music would Just be your vocals and diaphragm part of it . However , there can be many other ways empirical reasoning relates to music. It relates to music because it helps remember things and it can boost your immune system. The bad part about music is that it can brainwash the mind especially the young population. Music is something that I love and it helps me everyday. In the ass there was Michael Jackson but there was a hip hop group that was making a name for themselves .

There has been many hip hop groups that have changed the culture . However the group that I think had the most impact was RUN DAM. In the ass they took off and became stars . Some of their best songs have hanged hip hope forever. They created seven albums and they all were good records. The three friends from Hollies, Queens had made it big and were trend setters as well. However , today a rapper like Ill Wayne has started his own fashion thing . Ill Wayne will never set a better trend then RUN DAM did when it came to clothing. RUN DAM will never be forgotten because of the impact they had.

There were three members of the group. The members where Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons, Darryl “DAM” McDaniel, and Jason “Jam Master Jay’. The group was different than the other groups because they had powerful beats and lyrics that aught the attention of fans. Their music was not a hardcore rap like a fellow group called “NNW”. They rapped about the fun things in life. When teenagers listen to it they had fun with it. They danced and thought they were cool because RUN DAM was. They were a young group that entertained the teenage population. Songs like ‘Rock This Way, and “Its Tricky “were only two of their many popular songs.

Not only did their music influence teenagers ,their style and clothes impacted them as well. RUN DAM wore Kangaroo hats, big chains, and Aids Sneakers. The group was from the suburbs of Queens however the wore the type of loathes that kids outside the suburbs would wear. RUN DAM made it okay for people to wear their style. They received a 1 million dollar endorsement deals with Aids (Hype Beast, 2012). They made Aids what it is today and our know for it. For example, I have Aids clothes and they will always be in style because of RUN DAM. Today you have Ill Wayne who wears skinny Jeans.

Not only are they Just skinny jeans but they come in all different colors. He wears no shirt and wears his pants below his waist . Ill Wayne wears what teenagers should not look to wear . RUN DAM started a trend they was cool and stylish not crazy and wild like Ill Wayne. Lastly, Run DAM changed everything when they inter-graded with rock music. They made it known that it is possible for two different types of music genres for it to be a good song. The worked with the rock group called “Aerostatic “. Aerostatic and RUN DAM made the song called” Rock This Way ‘ (Run-Dam, 2012).

It broke all music records and it was a hit. Today we can a lot of different collaboration like that. For example, Jay-z and Lincoln Park made a song called “Encore “. The song was a hit and caught the attention of many people. Run DAM stopped making music in 2002, (A brief history of Run Dam, 2012) but heir legacy still lives on. They are one of the best hip hop groups ever. They started a trend in fashion, made different genres cool to listen to, and made songs that were just for the teenage population. I have listened to them recently and I see why they were such a good group.

They were cool, and were different from the others. Hip hop has been around for a very long time and before I was born . Let has been a long time and it will continue to be a type of music that people like. Hip hop is one of the most listened to music genre for most teenagers. Although Country music is more popular teenagers like to listen to hip hop more. Teenagers both black and white like hip hop music. Artist such as Drake, Ill Wayne, and Kenya West are big name artist that live off of teenagers. Teenagers spend money, time, and can get away from what is important in music.

Some teenagers have Jobs and some do not. However, the ones that do spend money on music and go to concert and shows for hip hop artist. Many rap albums were on the rise sales wise in 2011. The number one rap album was Drake Take Care album (Santiago, 2012). Drake sold 659,000 copies of Take care. Drake was ranked 1 lath on the Forbes list (Brenna, 2012). I know from seeing my fellow teenagers a lot f them brought Drake’s album. I spent only 20 dollars last year on hip hop albums from ‘tunes. Music is a time consumer and it takes the most of a teenager’s time. Teenagers use music to help them to get through the day.

Teenagers spend 4-5 hours listening to music. (example essay, 2012). 30% of teens know the lyrics to the songs. Music has been a part of a teenagers life for a long time and will continue to be a part of their life . The time that teenagers use listening to music they could be doing more productive things. For example if they listen to music and music helps the mind as a teenager they could do homework as well . Music helps me with my homework and makes want to do my work. All this music that teenagers listen to and the music videos will affect them in the long run.

The videos can impact their lives. The typical American teenager watches 30 hours of television. (science daily , 2012). 52 % of boys and 26 % of girls reported on average of 42 hours of television watched . The lower levels of education is when more kids watch television. The other with higher more violent scene in it. All the music videos accounts for 200,000 acts of violence (Parker, 2012). Music can be timely and can take up most of a teenager’s life. Hip hop music specially is important to teenagers. Music can take up a teenager’s time, money, and can influence how they act.

Hip hop music has had a bad reputation because of the number of bad things they say but hip hop is what it is. It is great music and influential. Hip hop has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for time to come. Conclusion Hip Hop can send a good or bad message to the new generation of teenagers. However, the message has changed over time. Run Dam has had a good message and today’s artist such as Ill Wayne and Wake Flak Flame sends a bad message. Hip hop artist make a lot of money from managers while the teenagers our being brainwashed by the hip hop music out today.