” Hip hop to me is a mixture of both R&B and rap music. There are times when I maybe in the mood to listen to rap or r&b but I’m always in the mood to listen to Hip hop. My worst days can become my best days when I’m lamming to hip hop music. There’s Just something about that particular style of music that makes me and keeps me happy no matter what is going on. It also supplies me with energy and motivation. Hip hop music makes my daily life easier and Is In fact my favorite style of music.

How does hip hop music make me happy? Well let’s Just say when I’m listening to this style of music I feel no pain. When I’m listening to hip hop music the worst things can be going on In my life and It helps me to Ignore what I can. For example, Break ups are one of the worst things to go through. Your emotion’s normally takes over you and can cause you to break down. When I face such types of emotional catastrophes, hip hop music is what I turn to. “It’s Like my drug. ” Is what my mom says.

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HIP hop USIA can make you rock, bob your head, even dance without you noticing yourself. Therefore giving others the impression that you’re just as happy as can be without even realizing you may be having the worst day ever. When going to the gym, cleaning or doing anything that may take up a lot of my time, my hip hop playbill has to be with me. Doing any of these activities can be time consuming and can easily cause me to become tired.