Breakfasting, the influence of this high energy dance has reached every corner of the globe and brings breakers from all over to aim for the top while constantly learning from one another. A. Once a year there are crew battles at Battle of the Year which started in Germany to see who Is the best breakfasting crew In the world, this was created after the Influence of breakfasting In America struck the world. Red Bull BC One Is an annual International breakfasting competition, each match Is a singles round or “one on one”. Each year this competition Is held In different cities within different countries around the world. C. No matter how much you think you’ve learned wealth this dance style there are always variations within the foundation of each technique. II. Writing, going beyond the negative views of vandalism and turning to the creation of artwork. D.

Writing Is a form of expression same as all other forms of hip-hop, but because It Is done where It shouldn’t have been it is viewed as indecent. E. If a isn’t writing they could have been doing much more severe crimes. F. During modern times, parts of certain cities are blocked off just for writing. For example, in Duluth, MN there is a portion of the city which is singled out just for writers to express themselves known as the “graffiti graveyard”. Ill.

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Mincing, a world where thrashing another MS and aping about women, partying, drugs and alcohol is how you get to the top. G. Once synthetic drugs such as cocaine ravaged urban America it became a microphone for the rage and despair of the inner cities. In turn, that rage became influence for the music itself. H. Majority of rap now-a-days all send out a message that partying all night, drinking alcohol and doing drugs are okay to do. I. Rap like other forms of music can’t be understood unless you know the historical context behind it.