Two videos correlated to my research paper. One in particular is called the “Dreamless 3: Desire, Sex and power in music video. This video written by Suit Shall, examines the representation of women, men, and sexuality in music videos. In essence, the purpose of this video is to assert that music videos, not unlike other forms of advertising and popular culture, represent the pornographic Image by offering a degraded and limited view of female sexuality based on narrowly defined adolescent heterosexual male fantasies.

In greater detail, this film Is fairly modern and encompasses the similar Instances of how not only women, but both male and females are gazed upon through music videos. This film Is very popular for addressing the video “Tip Drill”, which Is a term that refers to women having sex with multiple men In exchange for money. In Dalton, the rapper In this same music video, Newly swipes a credit card through a woman’s backside. I was very disturbed at the music video “Tip Drill”, I could not believe how explicit this video was and how the died was still being played continuously on B.

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E. T. And MET. Another film that relates to this topic is called “Beyond, Beats, and Rhymes by Byron Hurt. I saw this film in my African American Studies 248 course and was immediately intrigued by the way in which this film examines manhood, homophobia in the hip hop culture, and last but not least, sexism. Both of these films have a lot of similarities such as challenging the way in which hip hop has changed for the worst and poses questions as to how we can fix it back to its natural root.