Term Paper leaver Sanchez HIP-HOP’s Media Effects Music. What do you think of when you think of music? Do you think of your favorite singer/ band, or maybe your favorite song at the time; but how often do you think about how that one song, or artist(s) have affected your life, your outlook on politics, society, way of living or way of seeing things In general? Not often enough would be a safe bet to say. As most of us miss the true meaning, the signs In between the lyrics, to go deeper to what the songwriter was proposing.

We lack to see the usages of mound and timing to help convey the forms of media effects such as Distribution and Stereotyping. Music is among the oldest forms of delivering messages from generation to generation, and even changing from region or culture. Focusing on a certain genera of music, Rap/ Hip-hop music has changed drastically throughout the years, and from its origins. It has become a staple in today’s society, a part of life, an influential part of today’s movies, fashion, cars, and vernacular among others.

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Hip- hop music was a branch of music that started in the urban inner cities, as poetic individuals began to talk in rhythm, and rhyme. It was something to do that helped pass the time. It became a form of music that evolved from Blues, to it’s own, and after several years has created it’s own sub-genres. This form of media has served as a method of entertainment to a huge audience, while in another context has served as a form of political standpoints, pop culture events, stories from the artist past, and in rare occasions has served in criminal investigations.

Rap music has helped defined a new wave of culture for our generation, among those to come, setting up how we dress, talk and even interact with each other today. Artist end up becoming the voice f a group, or region in any genre, what’s to stop rappers from being the same. Being the same guys and girls that you use to see working at the store down the street, dealing with the same struggles as you did; artist help in developing a standpoint on Issues In society, depending on the artist, It could range from a local Issue In the community to a nationwide, or worldwide dilemma.

As described, music has been the outlet for many young creative minds to express the way they feel, whether that be towards the girl down the street, or towards an Injustice that has happen In our community. Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain. ” Salad Bob Dylan, a great blues singer, who Is well known for his beautiful music but also for his political songs such as “Times are a changing”, “Only pawn In the game”, and ; Hurricane” among others. Just Like Mr.. Dylan music there’s pain hidden behind It, a tragedy or disturbance that caused the inspiration of this song.

While we might not but secondly in informing the public, along with being a watchdog for the government, among society in its own. One of the primary effects that music in general and Hip-hop falls underneath is that of Distribution. Which is the act of becoming more willing to engage in a behavior as a result to exposure to media content about such behavior. Lope Fiasco, if he doesn’t ring a bell, he will. Lope Fiasco is a Chicago based rapper, that has made a name for himself in the music scene, since the early sass’s. Nile yes he is a musician, Just as other greats, Mr..

Fiasco is also an activist, as greatly represented within his catalog of music. While we do not give enough credit to musicians as we should in a political forum. That should be taken into reconsideration. Lope Fiasco has written countless of songs aimed at the government ND there form of conducting service. The “Words I Never Said” is known not for its musical value, but rather for its heavy hitting political lyrics. Talking about subjects such as the bombing on Gaza, the undercut budgets for school programs, corporate bailouts, along with the criticism of the reporting of the news.

If we look back further in the timeline of the Hip-hop scene, you’ll see artist such as Grandmaster Flash and the furious five, who released a song called “The Message” in 1982, which was the start of this sub-genre of Hip-hop. “The Message” inspired many young rappers to address social issues, and political subjects. This song inspired a group known as Public Enemy, who started up in 1982. Most of us might know public enemy not for their politically charged lyrics and criticism of the American media, but rather for their ironically famous hype-man (Flavor Flag).

While this might take away some creditability from the rap group it doesn’t change the active interest they had with the concerns and frustrations of the African-American community. Known for songs such as “91 1 is a Joke” that claimed emergency response units took too long to arrive at emergencies in black communities compared to those in white communities. Another popular song from the golden age of hip-hop is “Fight the power” which is best known for the appearance in “Do the right thing”, one of Spike Lee’s films, has become a staple in the political and general hip-hop community.

Political and Conscious Hip-hop shows the effect of Distribution, as it teaches our [Out to be more aware, and conscious about their political officials among other forms of government. Who can voice their opinions, and speak up on injustices that are being performed within our communities. As if no one is to speak up, or bring to light things we are allowing the act to continue. Which in the end opens us up to a more active and engaged society. Such as in the song “Can’t Truss it” which focused upon the history of Slavery, and how the African-American community could fight back against oppression.

The song addressed how the urban culture was using a derogatory term in a different context, as to derive it from it’s meaning. While most of AS have heard the N-word in uncensored songs, and have rapped along to it in the privacy of our homes, or cars, we forget the meaning the true sense of the creation of the term. The song states “l don’t wand be called you N***a” showing how the Change of context for a certain verbiage doesn’t take away it’s meaning. Another example of distribution in music is that of “Pitch Bad” by Lope Fiasco, which tackles endearment.

In the song, Fiasco also goes to show how the word effects society, our Children, and creates this Madonna-where complex. Another theory that is in grained into the political, or conscious hip-hop scene is that of stereotyping. Which is the tendency to allow a single image to represent a large class of objects or events. Primarily looking at “Women in the media and the effects of these images on the audience” (Barlow 2009). Referencing Lupus’s “Pitch dad” he helps break down the stigma of women being seen in the light of pitches, sexual objects and actually being valued for their contribution in society.

While there’s also the other portion of the spectrum in which women are highly viewed and criticized for there looks more than their intellectual awareness. These views ranging from the mainstream portion of the genre, and even reinforced by other female artist. Nick Minas shows that hard work and dedication can get you to were your dreams are, but in her songs with other artist, she seems to draw back upon the taiga that was that of Ill Skim’s, being that sex sells.

Knowing if you act a certain way, or say certain things, you could end up selling millions. Women end up becoming objectified in the genre, being called “pitches” “dimes” “big booty hoe” Just being some examples of the vernacular used within song lyrics. 2 chains being one of those that reinforces the stigma with songs such as “l Love deem stripers” and “Birthday song” claiming that all he wants for his birthday is “a big booty hoe” currently #53 on billboards Hot 100. Showing that this what society looks for, and well that’s what is even to them.

While not all hope is lost, there is still exceptional artist out there that help show that stigmas are Just stigmas; such artist as Kid Cud, atmosphere, Murmurs, rally Kali, Common and Missy Elliott to name a few. Leading to songs that provide that of a deeper meaning within the lyrics, raising a question against that of the status quo, bringing to light issues (whether local, national, or even worldwide) and shutting down all barriers. Artist such as Taliban Kali and Common are well known for their well-versed lyrics, and standpoint’s on today’s youth.

While people such as Atmosphere bring you deep lyrics that put your mind to think and question topics that we would otherwise see as normal. Kid Cud and Murmurs are another two that bring a different style to the table, showing that rap doesn’t Just have to be about killing, drugs, or women, it can Just simply be what it use to be, a way to convey a story from one person to another. Then you got Missy Elliott, who’s recording career has been phenomenal, a empowering women that shows girls that it’s alright to be smart, talented, and confident.

The reason I bring these musicians up is for the impel fact that they help break the stereotype of musicians, and that of the hip-hop culture. Where most of us associate the genre with drugs, defacing of women, gangs, along with the bragging of cars, and moneys. As opposed to what is being played on the radio and other mainstream outlets today, speaking about how sexually suggestive lyrics have become a norm in today’s music play, among with the prior topics discussed There are many explanations for this form of entertainment, ranging from the mainstream music that has shown is the media.

In the form of Marxism controls the medium, therefore decides what gets played and what gets canned. Nile there is still plenty of other outlets that will provide the sub-genre that helps expand your mind and open you to a public forum that questions our governments order to get the point across. Political/ Conscious rap has more than Just been Just a form of entertainment; it has also helped crush plenty of walls and barriers down that use to separate our society, and proven many of stereotypes wrong.

While there are still not many of women in this form of media, it is rapidly increasing to show that nothing is off limits, being a prime example upon how the stereotype of music being an-only club is slowly derailing and becoming a mixing bowl of creative mind, that have a story to share. As most of us miss the true meaning, the signs in between the lyrics, to go deeper to what the songwriter was proposing. We now see some of the Nays that music affects us in our everyday lives.