Hip Hop Industry manipulates the young minds of our new generation against women, do you? Back when Hip-Hop began, It was originally meant to send a message of unity. Doug E Fresh quoted “Hip-Hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change. ” Old-School Hip-Hop was about storytelling and poetry as well, where you’re from and telling your story in a good manner. Unfortunately Hip-Hop will never be the same as it was in the ass’s. Misogyny is prevalent in HIP-HOP culture.

Overt misogyny in rap music emerged In the late asses, ND has then been a feature of the music of numerous Hip-Hop artists, Ice Cube used to call women pitches because they acted Like one, he received a lot of backlash. Modern views and changes in the culture have driven Hip-Hop in a new direction. Our culture has grown accustomed to hearing songs that contain profanity and ones that have no respect for women. Degrading can be defined as lowering the character of quality of someone or something.

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There have been innumerable accounts when teens dedicate their lives to life Like the artist portrayed on TV. In today’s music, omen have been falsely labeled and stereotyped as promiscuous and Inferior to men. Rappers do not realize the extent to which their music is affecting the younger generation. Every generation goes through a music era that openly expresses, what to feel, how to speak, act, even what to wear. Hip Hop has been trend setting and has guided our culture over the last couple of decades. Even the women show in Hip Hop music videos have an Influence on the younger generation.

Those women are setting an example that Its okay to dress provocatively, for men to throw money at them and accept name calling. It encourages little girls to become video vixens. Hip Hop has misled women into believing they are worthless. Women have been treated as accessories, being displayed as new found, shining blind to rappers. In a song Trey Songs mentioned “l want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, the hoes. ” He wants to follow artists path, so he can become as famous as them and have the finer things. Women are affected by Hip Hop because of direct message being spoken about them.

Hip Hop has made it okay to talk about women with such disgraceful terms such s “pitches” and “hoes”. Some Rappers categorize women by color and size, typically showing them half naked. Over the duration of time, women have lowered their standards because of derogatory terms spoken in today’s music. In Tuba’s Wanda why they call you, he talks about how women are now becoming dependent on men, Instead of going out and getting an education or finding a Job, they are having sex for money. Rappers talk about rape and kidnapping as if they don’t have mothers themselves.