What are the affects of hip hop in your life? 4. What are the affects of hip hop on the people around you? 5. Do you think hip hop has a good or bad influence on teenagers? 6. What are the negatives effects of hip hop on you 7. What are the positives effects of hip hop on you? 8. Do you recommend people to listen to hip hop? Why? What is hip hop to teenagers? Too many people are unclear to what hip hop really is, instead they use assumption represented to them by the media to make their territories of the hip hop culture.

Hip hop can be recognized with Its main elements of graffiti, rap, dancing and beat boxing. HIP Hop Is the mentality and consciousness of young people that keeps recreating itself In a never-ending cycle. Multitude types of hip hop expressions be it musical or other, African people throughout the displacement have given birth to and introduced to the world. According to statistics hip hop music can negatively affect people’s behaviors with their promotion of violence, drugs and sex to their listeners.

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Artist like Wiz Kalmia present one and only one message to their listeners “Smoke Weed”. At one of Wiz Khalid’s concerts over 70 % of the people attended were smoking “Weed” at the concerts. Hip Hop culture is also known for promoting materialistic behaviors. Most teenagers who listen Hip hop will copy the dressing and slang use of words by their favorite artists. Teenagers will wear Jewelry that can be mostly recognized In music videos as ” Chains” and sag their pants which Is a ‘I-don’t-care-about-anyone’ attitude.

Statistics show that the people who most listen to music are people under the age of 21 who are mostly teenagers. This being the case most teenagers are still pursuing their education In highlight’s or higher education but this can be negatively affected by hip hop. We live In a very visual society , the material people usually drop out to pursue a rap career and live the thug life or become a drug kingpin and get paid.