HIP hop which originally started in the South Bronx as a street born cultural movement transformed into much more. There are four types also known as the pillars of hip hop, DC-ins,MS- ins, ( also know as rapping ), break dancing, and graffiti. All of that pretty much faded away with the ass’s and rap was left to take control. Rap in the sass’s was thought to be a force, until MS hammer,Tuba, and Biggie Smalls took over the radio with the voice of ghetto youth.

That was merely the beginning of one of the biggest trends In he last decade. Rap has worked Its way Into school dances, Commercials, and even movies. In the early sass’s what was known as “gangs rap” became the predominant sound. The more the artist would rap about guns, money and drugs the more popular would be, and the ones who were listening to this music was usually white, suburban teenagers. Which begs the question why would white teenagers love this hateful and drug related music?

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Gangs rap was born In the ghetto and Is about the ghetto and yet white suburban teenagers loved It the most. When everything that s in one of these songs is usually the complete opposite then their own lives. Rap through the decades has changed starting with the sass’s when the big rappers were EL Cool J and Vanilla Ice. Then in the sass’s rap became much more in many ways, the beats became better, the rappers more talented, and the lyrics much more graphic. In the late sass’s Rap was a war, between the East and West coast.

Two superstars, Biggie Smalls In 1997 from the East, and Tuba Shaker In 1996 from the west were murdered and all evidence points to the either side being guilty of murder. When talking to most teenagers nowadays they will say that Tuba and Biggie started everything, and its relatively true there is probably 1 in a hundred Americans who don’t know who B. I. G or Tuba Is. There is a lot of negative impact due to this new trend of music, It paints a picture of doing drugs, getting high, shooting guns, and breaking the law.

To add to that, the people who listen to rap the most Is young white teenagers, who are being Influenced by It. It’s understandable that this type of music came from the ghetto, life Is extremely tough for those who live there. There is a lot of gangs and drugs all over he streets, and it is a mentality that is driven into the young kids who live there that the right way to live is to do drugs and break the law. Of course there is always cases where that Is not true but for the majority of people in the ghetto life Is drugs first, money second and trying to survive third.

It Isn’t pretty and that why the music that comes out of It Is filled with what most peoples lives are In the ghetto. Rap Is the new trend, its our generations music, every generation has had its own music. Whether is Dissocialize, electric, or R. The point is that for the last two decades, rap music has en taking over the music industry, it started off slow in the ass’s but by the time B. I. G and Tuba died their music was sold out in every store. After their deaths in the late sass’s the industry skyrocketed, every artist was trying to fill the enormous shoes that were left to be filled. Loathing of American hip hop fans underwent an evolution from the saggy Jeans of the sass to a more retro type of look. The new look was full of Nikkei Air Jordan, sweatpants, snap back hats, and fur coats for the more ghetto artists. As the sass were underway so was the Www Tang Clan ( from the ass ), Outcast, Method man, and en of the first and best white rappers Mine. Mine changed the rap game, it was the first time that a white rapper had ever made an impact like the big boys from the ass ( B. I. G, Tuba ).

Amine’s style is fast and vulgar but in a way which he told stories, he captivated everyone with his way of rapping. After this every “white boy’ wanted to be a rapper they all wanted to be the next big thing, that’s why so many white teenagers listen to rap music. Teenagers are the easiest people to influence because they are trying to find there way/path in life. Its hard to go to school on the us everyday and listen to your friends all rapping in the back of the bus and not want to fit in and do it to.

That is how trends start, imagine being back in the ass’s driving around with your friend and he says “hey listen to this sweet song I heard the other day’ so your listening to it and it has a cool beat that you haven’t heard before and it catches your attention. Trends start because things catch you or your friends attention and you go tell your other friends, who tell their friends. For example when the most popular kid in school walks in wearing high top sneakers basketball shorts a ann. top and a snap back, two days later 30 kids will have the exact same thing.

Everyone is Just trying to fit in with what’s “new’, and what’s “cool”. Now in 2013 you hear a lot more rap once again change into more of a dance/rap music with less focus on violence and more on doing pills and this “living life while your young” sort of motto. Now with the turn of a new generation comes a new trend of music, style, and once again an influence to do drugs. With every generation comes a different style of rapping that has been taking over not Just America, but the world.