Hip Hop is a category of “music” that has come a long way since it was first fashioned. Born In The Bronx, New York Is has defined and Interpreted countless of times. The text book definition Is “a style of popular music of US black and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing. Originally produce to tell stories of men and women of the time it has since grown and develop a whole new meaning which is not set in stone. Today, hip-hop, can be located worldwide due largely to media website like Youth, Faceable, and Mainstream. Since the birth of hip-hop one key element has remained true, hip-hop mirrors the Issues In the world.

In the sass’s HIP Hop Is now a part of the mainstream music scene. It Is not uncommon to see artist from different genres collaborating with Hip Hop artists. It is also not uncommon to see Hip Hop music and culture in movies, television shows, and commercials. In the past you would only see people from ethnic communities wearing Hip Hop clothing, now all races including Asian, Caucasian, etc have accepted the Hip Hop style. The subject matter has also changed. In the past Hip Hop years focused on political and societal frustrations, now HIP Hop lyrics steer more toward provocative content.

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Hip Hop subject matter consists mostly of the aspirations of wealth, sex, drug use, and criminal activity. During the beginning years the age of the Hip Hop listener was wide spread. It ranged from teens to even adults In their ass’s. Although Hip Hop still has an adult audience, It Is now more geared toward younger audiences. Younger listeners are more likely to purchase Hip Hop music and paraphernalia, than the older audience. Hip Hop proves to be the voice of the people that may not be able to peak for themselves in conventional ways.

Globalization has allowed many people who would not have the means to speak up, to be able to take center stage. Many believe that globalization will be the end of individuality and creativity. This has been a theory that seems to fall when put up against HIP Hop globalization. Hip Hop Globalization has proven to hybridism communities and music,that In the end forms something that has never been seen before. Globalization may prove that Instead of making the world “flat”, it will create new mountains and craters of creativity that were never imagined.