Do you what does Genre mean? According to Dilatory. Com (2005) It Is a class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content technique, or like: the genre of epic poetry; the genre of symphonic music. Genre has different categories; these include Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, Jazz, New Age, Reggae and Rock. Gravel, D. (2011). We, Filipinos also have our own category.

Do you what it is? Guessed it right, it’s MOM (Original Filipino Music). MOM is anything that’s performed by a Filipino artist. Studded. Com (2011) There are also new genres that made their way on the year 2012. On the list are Drill, Trap, Hipster House, Ratchet, Queer Rap, Tumble-wave and Sea punk. Wagner, D (2012) Yes, they have weird names. Artists tend to experiment and invent new genres so expect every year with sprouting genres of great differences. Who couldn’t make music without singers behind It?

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With their names, who wouldn’t know these male artists like Tingle Temper, Tall Cruz, WIZ Shall, Bullet, Akin, Justine Bibber, Mine, Bruno Mars Unripe Meaningless and usher? Okay, M. (2012) How about songstresses Like Eek$ha, Jennifer Lopez, Beyond, Adele, Brittany Spears, Iranian, Taylor Swift, Kathy Perry, Shakier and Lady Gaga are they familiar? Okay, M. (2012) These noise makers paved their way to music industry and are now chart toppers including fresh names like One Direction, Cheer Lloyd, David Choc,Siren Limo and many more.

I bet you can name songs made by mentioned artists. Since we are talking about music, what can music do to its listeners, major teenagers? It can only end up into 2 results, the good and the bad result. Looking on the bright side, it can connect two people of the same undertakings. An example of it is Mine, a rapper. He usually tells his personal troubles by rapping It. People who listen to it and are stuck at the same situation can relate and the song Itself can give hope to the listeners. On the other hand, It also has Its negatively.

For Instances, rapper, WIZ Shall shares a song that depicts drugs and Intercourse, without being aware that there are listeners with age groups below 13 it can influence them. It can give off the urge to use drugs and enlarge egos which is a bad thing. Whatever the message of the song, good or bad, it ends up to the listeners mind and affect them. Miriam, S. (2012) Besides Psychological effects, music has its health benefits. One of its benefits is pain management. Music is a perfect way to divert your attention to pain. Another one is that it can reduce stress.

Listening to calm and soothing music can be a simple way to relieve stress. It can also boost ones immune system. Research shows that if one listens to opera music it can regulate peripheral immune system. If one listens jumpy and active music, it can be ones encouragement to do exercise. An example of this is when one listens to music and Jives with the beat, exercise Is already done. You think singing lullabies at night Is child’s, well think again. Music can promote sleep and sedatives especially that light and slow music.