“When you are as old as me now, you will have the same opinions as me” – said my mother when we had a sensational discussion. I can’t understand what she said. I thought much about it and I realized that we have many differences. So what is its cause? I think the main cause Is the generation gap. “Generation gap” is a popular term used to describe the wide differences between members of younger generation and their older. A generation gap exists when older and younger people don’t understand each other because of their experiences, their pinions, habits, behavior and life condition and standard.

Generation gap can exist between 2, even 3 generations in a family, between mature and matured generations. There are always some gaps among people in ass’s, ass’s, ass’s but the most popular generation gap Is In family. Firstly, there are some deferent opinions between parents and children of their career, education and love. People lived in the old society always think they should arrange everything for their children from selections primary school to Job, and then ending a wife or a husband for their small babies.

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Children almost can’t decide what should be necessary for them. Children will work the same jobs as their parents. When parents were young, they didn’t have good condition do develop like now, so they always want their children to get what they haven’t got yet. Sometimes they don’t think what their children want. What their children think. Everyone knows parents expect the best thing for their daughters and sons. There are many things children want but their parents think those are unnecessary. They don’t explain why children want but parents don’t.

That causes misunderstanding and makes gaps. Building family Is an Important thing In people’s lives. Parents are afraid of the fact that their children can find a good husband or wife or not. Now life changed, some factors have changed, those make some lifestyle change. If parents used the old standards in modern society, it seems unsuitable. Secondly, the young generation thinks differently from the old generation does. The youth has chances to integrate. So they can be affected by many new fashion trends.

Life is more modern now, so fashion like recreation entertainments, clothes, hair style has to be changed to become more suitable with busy life. There are many clothes or hair styles that the young generation like, these style makes them more attractive, more stylish but the old generation consider those are queer, ludicrous, even they look the youths who wear them with a despising attitude. That’s also another generation gap. In a modern society, there are many recreation entertainments that capture the youths Imaginations.

The young generation Like listening to pop, rock, hip hop music but the older generation like listening to prewar music, folk songs. The young generation like watching thrilling, horrible or action film, but the old generations. The young generation is now more confident, they can earn more money than the old generation. So they are so proud of living on thrillers or independently. The fact is that. The youths are too confident so they pass over all the old generation’s advices. Both the old and the young generation think their experiences or their modern knowledge are right.

The youths always want independence. They desire to decide their future lives without living experiences. Parents are fancy with spending their experiences helping their children. Thereby, the older generation had to live in a long time to pass all things both successes and defeats. They have more experiences than the younger, they know what is right, what is wrong but the younger will comment, deny everything without any experiences. As a result, in some cases, the young generation makes foolish mistakes because of having no experiences.

In short hands, life in the past was harder than now so much, so generation gaps still exist. Parents seldom listen to their children and children always think parents are so strict and conservative. To shorten these distances or to clear away this big barrier, parents and children should sit together and talk or discuss like friends. The young generation can learn experiences from the old one, and the old generation need to refresh their minds to receive the new life style. If everyone can do that, the gaps will be filled.