Nowadays, gangs have become part of a regular society. Some are small and some are big, but they are spreading everywhere. Recently, gangs In Canada have been becoming a part of a large network working together – all sharing the same goal – FAST MONEY! Mafia and gangster movies plus hardcore rap music are a perfect provoking recipe for these gang members to cause ruckus. Also a youth growing up without a father can be put into a situation where he has to trust or depend on gang members.

More than three quarters of Toronto residents say that the city is now a ore dangerous place, than compared to five-six years ago. These growing gangs In Canada, especially in Toronto and Scarborough area, have been getting worse In the last SIX years and have been the cause of much ruling violence In Canada. In 2005, a notorious gang in Toronto called ‘Manlier Crew’ was raided, sixty-five alleged gang members were arrested as a result. Torso’s police officers made early morning arrest making the largest anti-gang take down in the city’s history.

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These gang members seem to have been heavily Influenced by rap music and mafia flicks – mom police officers say, during the raid of the manlier crew, a lot of mafia movies Like ‘Surface’, ‘The Godfather’, and rap music such as of 50 cent and G;Unit were seized. The influence of these movies can be seen on the streets when you see local gangsters calling themselves ‘Surface’ inspired by the role ‘AY Pacing” played in the 1983 film, Surface. Rappers like 50 cent are also a bad influence on these teenage gang members.

The influences of these rappers can also be seen on the streets, when you hear them listening to songs called ‘l do mine the fast way, SSL mask way’ ND then actually see them doing It for real. The behavior and attitude of these guys are mirrored to those rappers and characters from songs, videos, and movies. Another reason for the rising violence in Toronto and Scarborough area’s are the low-income neighborhoods and youths that are living without their fathers.

Kids in these low-income neighborhoods are mostly fatherless, living with Just their mothers. Ata young age, these kids require a sense of security which they would normally get from their fathers, but In the absence of their fathers, they get that security by being mean, being tough or being in gangs. An estimated 90 percent are single parent families, majority of them headed by women in these Toronto housing projects. When the mothers are gone to their low-income Jobs, the kids are usually getting raised by their siblings or the T.

V. Also, some of these women bring boyfriends at home, who usually turns out to be abusive towards the woman or her kid. Eventually the kid starts to reflect back on what he sees. All these kids In the housing projects end up getting together because they all share the same experiences, the same anger towards society that’s stored inside them. When they all get together – they form a gang which than makes the city a more violent and dangerous place to live.

Recent survey shows that eighty-seven percent of the Toronto residents are living dangerous than five-six years ago. The shootouts on the streets have become more violent and more open. These gang members are doing everything without any fear. One shooting that took place in 2005 boxing day, which most of the people are familiar with – the ruthless drive by shooting which resulted in the unfortunate death of an innocent 15 year old girl, her death terrified a lot of people in the city that day.

Since that day, transitions have been in fear of their lives and are asking for help. Residents are asking for more strict penalties for gun crimes, because in many other cases, the sentences do not reflect the seriousness of the crime. They believe if the sentences get more strict for gun crimes, then there will be less murders or maybe none. In closing, street gangs have become a present phenomenon in Canadian cities. The root problem of these gangs can be put into so many factors, social, economic, movies and television and a lot more.

Knowingly or unknowingly, these gang members have started a revolution – there are gangs from all types of backgrounds active today. They commit murders on the open streets now, showing no fear about the law at all. Not only are they stealing, selling drugs and making the streets unsafe to walk, but they are killing innocent sons and daughters that could be yours. These street gangs have caused so much harm and fear – they require a great deal of attention and help.