Foundation essay B-boys and B-girl are In the Hip-Hop world. A lot of young people In the world are interested in hip-hop and that music. When we think of hip-hop, we are likely to think about: they are African American, aggressive and rap-music etc. Why do we consider the stereotype of hip-hop? What is based on our thinking about this stereotype? Before we discuss about them, we need to know what hip-hop is. Why do B-boys and B-girls interest in the hip-hop? We focused on the term: hip-hop. Foundation says that hip-hop is used to refer to three different concepts.

When we understand the concepts of hip-hop, we are likely to understand about a-boys and B-girls as well as why they becomes to be a-boys and B-girls. Even though, they may break our society rule, they are likely to follow their hip-hop concepts. For better worse, people should follow their own rule. Hip-hop is established dance and music category. These Idea Is not based on anything so this Is my hypothesis whether a-boy follow the concepts or not. The most Important aspect of this variety of the hip-hop is that It Is unmediated. In other words, the idea of hip-hop is happened B;boys and B-girls bounteously.

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They just express themselves on the hip-hop. It seems to be the advertisement without no product. That reality became to be the hip-hop culture. These ideas often appear in the period of adolescence. In this period, young people do not make their identity so that they are stumped about themselves. In that time, when they meet hip-hop, they are interested in hip-hop because it is easy for them to express. They Just dance using their body, and do not use specific tool. Second, the term hip-hop refers to a form of popular music that developed, or was developed, out f hip-hop culture.

It means that rap-music came from the Interaction between hip- hop culture and the preexisting music Industry. Hip-hop Is strongly related to the rap-music. A lot of people can connect to hip-hop to listen to rap-music. Thirdly, the term hip-hop is increasingly used as a kind of loose demographic designation for contemporary African American youth, regardless of whether or not they have any overt connection to rap music or to other hip-hop arts. These idea turns out to be phrases as the hip-hop attitude and the hip-hop generation.

In view of this sense, IP-hop is usually invoked to emphasize age and class over race when singling out young African Americans, either for praise or criticism. As we know, the culture of hip-hop is related to young African American. However, some problems are likely to arise in our society. In one online cone column, Jason Whitlock blames hip-hop for the lack of discipline among contemporary football players. Hip-hop is the dominant culture of black youth. In general music, especially hip-hop music is rebellious for no good reason other than to make money. Rappers and rockers are no trying to fix robbers.

They create problems for attention. That philosophy, attitude and behavior go against everything football coaches stand for. They’re in a constant battle to witnessing today are purposeless, selfish acts of buffoonery. Sensible people have grown tired of it. Football people are recognizing it doesn’t contribute to a winning environment. (Witchdoctors) This column expresses well how hip-hop culture relates to our society. It seems to be biased this story by author, however, taking three hip- hop concepts into consideration; his statement is likely to be reliable.

As he pointed out, hip-hop music is rebellious for no good reason other than to make money. I think that his opinion is the same as that of most people. Hip-hop culture, particularly, black American culture is likely to be against our society. This culture seems to relate to the counter culture. Counterculture was popular from 1960 to 1970. Hip-hop culture began in 1970 so young people in around ass and ass were definitely affected by counterculture. To wrap out the term of hip-hop, black American lives in the hip-hop culture and then they become to be a-boys and B-girls.

They are interested in the rap-music. Their idea about hip-hop seems to be the advertisement without promoting product. Their life is hip-hop culture and one of a-boy and B-girls way to express them. I consider the history of classic a-boy and hip-hop. We have already known about what the term: hip-hop is. It is good order to learn the history of classic a-boy and hip-hop. When we understand the history and the meaning of hip-hop, we will get what they want to dance, why they want to dance and how they dance on the hip- hop. Also, we should check whether my hypothesis is correct or not.

In the early hip- hop era, they did not use hip-hop songs. These songs were the rock and funk songs. Their originators danced to in the half-decade between hip-hop’s emergence as a coloratura movement around 1974 and the development of an associated musical gene rein 1970. “By the mid-ass the musical breaking the song had taken on a new life as a historical break between the end of soul culture and the beginning of hip- hop culture. ” The breaking in the hip-hop is important for them to dance on the hip- hop. The brake is the original essence of the dance and the seed of its tradition.

In his case, these breaking do not lead to rebellion; Jason Whitlock talked, in our society. However, from point of view of the roots of hip-hop, breaking songs and creating problems, Jason pointed out, is the same thing. Without lack of information about the term of hip-hop, we do not reach their breaking idea. That’s why leaning the term of hip-hop first is the most important. “B-boys songs are valued as frameworks forth act of B-boning because they combine practical factors that facilitate the particular dance style with socio-historical associations that place any given performance in the context of b-boy history.

The earliest a-boy danced to these songs in their entirety, saving their best moves for the break therefore the deejays began to focus on the breaks in the first place. ” The hip-hop is influenced by samba, mambo, salsa and Latin music. The syncopation of samba rhythms is fundamental aspect of the relationship between movement and suppressed elements of a composition. So, a-boy and B-girl’s dance is based on samba and then they arrange their dance to express themselves well. In view of Latin music, conga drums had become one of the important sounds to arise African American musical nationalism.

The instrument was an important part of the sound of another of America’s great cultural achievements: funk. “The vibrant music relationship that b- value of live versus recorded music. ” In other words, without recoding of these songs -the way they seem to capture and time an place in which they were made is an important part of their appeal. Their emotion and dance expresses themselves at that time. So, recording their feeling and motion seems to getting decrease value. When we think of the concepts of hip-hop, it makes sense that no recording about them is more value than that of the recording. They Just dance for expressing themselves.

That reality became to be the hip-hop culture. It is generally accepted that reality is more important than recoding reality. For example, we think of rock concert and that video. Which one do you think that things of value are? It is needless to say that we choose the rock concert because the concert is definitely more valuable than that of video. In conclusion, a-boy and B-girl have followed by their rule. They have been adding some dance and music on the hip-hop and developing their skill of dance and music. I believe that their breaking will be attention for producing new dance and music categories in the future.

After leaning the concept of hip-hop and their early activities, my image of hip-hop is dramatically changing to that of favorable impression. When we encounter the unknown thing, we are likely to regard that as bad thing. However, in most cases, it is too much biased by mass media. Most people in the hip-hop world are striving for developing their dance and music, and they follow the concepts of hip-hop. Their hip-hop world including dance and music is keeping for expanding our world. They will create their new way of expressing themselves.