Pitches and Hoes for my next reading journal article. She begins with background information of current hip hop and rap lyrics, and the language they choose to use. Much of the diction used in their songs are Insensitive towards women of all kinds. However, Morgan points out that the rappers are not to be entirely blamed. For centuries, women have used their sexuality as an advantage In order to progress through social and work situations. “Sex has long been the bartering chip that women use to gain protection, material wealth, and the vicarious benefits of power,” Morgan explains.

I tend to agree with this different point Morgan portrays. Feminism is something women have been fighting pretty much forever, making small steps towards the ultimate goal of equality as time progresses. However, many women see the rap and hip hop era as a barrier, hindering any further advancement. My confusion in this is that we as women crave the equality and opportunity that men receive, but then put ourselves in positions completely contradicting the previous statement. It Is Impossible for women as a whole to have a concrete stand when others are consistently going back and acting an entirely different way.

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Another Interesting point I noticed In Morgan article was the view of feminism in today’s world. She spoke of a conversation that took place with an older women on relationships. This woman felt bad for Morgan that she was twenty-seven and still single. It is important for women to stand their ground, not allowing men to do whatever they feel like anymore. However, it is more important to win the ultimate goal, rather than merely be right the whole way. It is acceptable for different kinds of people to live different types of lives. As long as women can stand together for the ultimate goal of equality, winning will not be far off.