That’s what Outpace Shaker would ask If he was still alive. Outpace Is the author of the poem “Fallen Star”. Outpace always spoke with deep meaning, and he tried to express his feelings. He was a rapper who believed in freedom and respect. “Fallen star” was written for Hey Newton, a expounder of the black panthers. He dedicated the poem to him showing Hey love and respect. Heehaws living around the civil rights movement. He tried to be a role model and fight for his rights. He wants the African Americans to realize what the white Americans have done.

He wanted freedom, and he was trying to prove a point. Outpace said nobody understood what he was trying to do but the white Americans. Since they knew what he was trying to do they were trying to stop him before he could get his message out to the world. People didn’t understand what Hey Newton was trying to do. His focus was to empower African Americans during a period of time when most of the African Americans could not make much progress. In many poor neighborhoods many young African Americans were looking for leadership and the Black Panther party, which Hey Newton help start, filled that void.

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They tried to teach self defense. This was a way to show discipline. He was trying to be a leader to the African Americans in the world by creating a 10 step program. He set out goals and objectives, and many people today say he accomplished his goals. Outpace believes the white Americans didn’t understand what Hey Newton was trying to do. He felt they were Just trying to mock him and he was trying to do well in the world. There are many situations Outpace could be addressing in the second stanza in line one “when you where week” he could be talking about Hey Newton getting old. Week Is a sign of getting old.

He also could be could be talking about his drug and alcohol addiction. Hey Newton was heavy on drugs and alcohol. Some believe he use the Black Panther party money to pay for his expenses for using the two. They loved the sight basically states that the white Americans notice he was going down. That he will be one man less to worry about. In line three and four states “Of your dining and flickering starlight” stakes a man trying to accomplish something and he Is fading away. He Is not get gone but he Is almost there. This Is where Outpace was trying to address his charges. Hey Newton had plenty of murder, gun, and assault hares.

The white Americans use to try to drop Newton reputation. The third stanza Outpace Jumps back into how the white Americans didn’t understand what the African Americans were going through. The hard times they had. In line two states “Two beloved by so many, so intimate” was stating what type of leader Newton was. He was loved by many African American for trying to turn something negative Into something positive. He tried to be a role module for the young African Americans. He wanted to let them know that they could be somebody. He gave out shoes and food to the African American community. He was like there big brother.

Outpace felt the whites didn’t want to see this change to. He felt they wanted to see him see him dead so he couldn’t change the world. He felt they were scared of a change. ” They want to see your lifeless corpse, this way you could not alter the course,” shows what I mean. Talking about how the white Americans didn’t want people to how they treated the African American were wrong. Newton put into the black American eyes this is not how we are not suppose to be treated. In the fourth stanza he finishes his last thoughts with in line one and two with, “what they have done, for much long to Just forget and carry on”.

He was stating the white Americans done too much to the African Americans for them to Just forget about the past Hey knew the white American knew he was trying to show the African Americans what they have done. In line three and for states “l had loved you forever because of who you are and now I mourn a fallen star. Outpace loved Hey for what he stood for, for what type of person Hey was. He was like a role model for Outpace now he has to grief to someone he thought was his star. We have had many leaders, some of them good and some of them bad. Hey was setting out to reach a goal to help people in this world.