That’s the amount the rapper-producer-entrepreneur earned before taxes in 2014, according to Forbes, which crowned DRP. Drew the “Hip-Hop Cash King. ” His earnings represent the highest annual total for any entertainer ever evaluated by Forbes. In fact, that figure is more than the combined earnings of everyone else on Forbes’ annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, which includes P Daddy and Jay Z, tied at the No. 2 spot ($60 million); Drake at #4 ($33 million); and DC Chalked at #20 ($7 million).

At one time, Death Row was the label that paid him; but most of DRP. Dress recent earnings came from the $3 billion sale of Beats Electronics to Apple this past May. Co-founded by Drew and music exec Jerry Loving, Beats features premium sound equipment like logo-embossed headphones and speakers as well as software and a streaming-music subscription service, and was described as “not Just a product but a category’ by Forbes. DRP. Drew first rose to fame as co-founder of the influential gangster rap group N. W.

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A in 1986 and then Death Row Records in 1991, where he produced rappers including the ate Outpace Shaker, MAC Hammer, Snoop Dog, Mine and 50 Cent. (He stepped down in 1996. ).