Hip hop music is the most “put down” music on earth. In my opinion hip hop is also the most influential music in the world. I know what you’re thinking, this is very arguable, but indeed it is true. It’s been around over 40 years now. It’s had its up and its downs. Every one of different colors and genders listen and also participate in hip hop you music. One reason I think hip hop is the most prominent music genre in the world is because of its fashion.

In the early sass’s hip hop created a new type of fashion. Track suits, sneakers, baggy pants, Kananga hats, flat tops, big shirts, and much more. At first the urban streetwise was mostly wore by African Americans but that soon changed. In the late sass’s and early sass’s many other cultures embraced the urban fashion. Not only were Aslant and Mexicans In love with the clothing, so were the whites. Still to this day help hop clothing Is worn by almost every teenager.

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The biggest reason I think hip hop is the greatest music genre is because it can transcend culture. Hip hop is not a skill, hip hop is a talent. Hip hop is always there for anyone cause it is so diverse. Anyone of any culture can relate hip hop to their experience. Hip hop, unlike any other genre can combined with any other genres of music. It is also easier to get in then any other music. You can express yourself in hip hop with little money and little resources.

In addition, hip hop music has the greatest ability to spread a message. Hip Hop songs have more words than most other genres of music. That makes it easier to get a point across and to inform others. For example, I can make a rap song about racism and in that song I can show many ways of how racism isn’t k. The message will be acknowledged tremendously because for one, rap music Is loved by many different races and two; the rhymes will be very catchy. HIP hop music emphasizes lyrics (the words).

Since the songs don’t have melody, the most important parts are the beat and the words. Hip hop artists play with words and rhymes in the middle of complex rhythms. The lyrics often talk about love, political issues, black history, or about the dangerous lifestyle of drugs and gang violence in the inner cities (“gangster hip hop”). With the prices of computers going down and software getting better plus the Internet it looks like Hip Hop will have a big independent and international movement coming soon.